Tiger Perk looking to Change a “latte” Next Year


Tiger Perk, popular cafe throughout CFEVS, will be moving to the high school cafeteria, serving new food and drink options to students and staff.

Tiger Perk is staffed by both high school and middle school students. Mrs. Bencko, CFEVS district psychologist, oversees the job skills training program.

“Next year, we are hoping to move into the high school commons, which will be renovated over the summer,” Mrs. Bencko said.

Tiger Perk plans to move into the current SAY office room. Renovations are set to be implemented this upcoming summer. Mrs. Bencko hopes to not only deliver to staff but students by setting up in commons in the morning.

Although the seniors will not be employed through Tiger Perk, the seniors are very excited for what is to come.

“We are so excited for next year. All the other kids are going to have fun and we will miss it a lot,” seniors Joey Keys.

The new options being sold ensures that the workers will be having fun while also building connections with their fellow peers.

Mrs. Bencko emphasized the various options that will be available at Tiger Perk in the upcoming year.

“We hope not only to sell coffee, but maybe smoothies and frappuccinos in the future. [We’re planning] to even supply bagels for sale,” Mrs. Bencko said.

Mrs. Bencko and the whole Tiger Perk staff are hopeful that bringing these additions to the cafe will ensure many benefits to students and staff.

Junior Laura Kreger enjoys making drinks and will continue to work for Tiger Perk next year.

“I really like making the hot chocolate, it smells so good,” Kreger said.

Kreger has been a part of Tiger Perk since it’s beginning, and is excited for next year and the new editions.

Senior Quinn LaMonica enjoys making different drinks.

“I have fun making the coffee, all of the different machines and putting ingredients in make it exciting,” LaMonica said.

LaMonica is sad to be leaving Tiger Perk, but many of the current students are very excited for next year.

“I am excited for the other kids getting to continue in Tiger Perk, and hopefully all that was planned works out,” LaMonica said.