Chagrin’s Shoe Game


Each and every day, students of Chagrin Falls High School flood the halls with the biggest and best brands of shoes.

The “Tiger Times” staff conducted a Twitter survey asking individuals to vote on which types of shoes they prefer or like the most. Popular amongst teenagers, Vans, Supergas, Nike Air Force 1’s, and Uggs Slip-ons were all options. About 45 students voted. 9% voted for Supergas, 22% voted for Nike Air Force 1’s, and Uggs Slip-ons taking in 27% of the votes. Inevitably, Vans won, taking in 42% of the votes.

Junior Paul Fierman is a big Vans fan and has a lot of  ‘respect’ for Vans.

“If I had to choose, I would rate them 11/10. They’re shoes for every occasion,” Fierman said.

Chagrin students prefer the Old Skool, Slip-Ons, and SK8-HI (high tops, and Platform shoes. Another shoe that was featured in the recent Twitter poll was Supergas.

Superga is an Italian brand founded in 1911. Supergas were originally made for tennis shoes but now are worn more for style. Supergas have recently become a hit for students in Chagrin. Junior Lucy Fischer thinks Supergas would successfully be rated as a 8.5 out of 10.

“I like them because they make my legs look longer and they’re really easy to throw on for any outfit,” Fischer said.

Many students like the fact that Supergas are offered in platform and regular shoes.  

Another hit was Nike Air Force 1’s. It is no surprise that Nike is a very popular brand in schools. Nike sells shoes, apparel, and accesories for all men, women, and children.

Junior Kaitlyn Castelluccio is a fan of Nike for many reasons.

“[Yeah], I have a lot of pair of Nikes shoes. They can be used for school, sports, and basically anything. My favorite pair are my Air Force 1’s. I would definitely rate them an 11/10,” Castelluccio said.

The last pair of shoes that were polled were Ugg Slip-Ons. Ugg shoes have been around since the 1970’s and have been well known too. Many students wear these kicks, especially around the winter seasons.

Junior Kaitlin Burgess understands the feeling of warmth and comfort Uggs provide in the winter seasons.

“I like wearing them around the house; they’re nice and comfy to wear in the winter too. I probably would say like a 7 or 8 out of 10 if I were to rate them. I haven’t really put much thought into them,” Burgess said.