Senioritis! Never Heard of Her


With students in the senior class receiving their college acceptance letters, a not so new phenomena called “senioritis”.

Senioritis is the lack of motivation and decrease in schoolwork actually being completed.

The epidemic starts as seniors get accepted into college, and realize that their time in high school is coming to an end.

Senior Alex Mueller has been stricken with senioritis since the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year.

“To be honest I stopped caring before the year started. My biggest problem is sitting in class thinking why am I still here,” said Mueller.  

Senior staff see this epidemic every year and work hard to make sure that we still do our best.

Assistant principal Ms. Rassi understands what it is like to be a high school senior.

“Senioritis is inevitable, even I had it in my senior year,” said Ms. Rassi.

“This senior class works hard to set the tone and expectations and when senioritis sets in especially this early it trickles down to the other classes. Staying focussed and giving the staff and school respect and responsibility makes a huge difference,” she continued.

As the school year comes closer to a end school becomes less as a priority to some students.

Senior Izzy Meister also is struggling to find her way through the rest of this year.

“Going to school and keeping up grades is the hardest part of school. Second semester is definitely a struggle,” said Meister.

Otherwise motivated students often are stripped of their ability to get things done.

Senior Clay Luce is typically ahead of schedule and gets his assignments done.

“School starts too early and I don’t care enough anymore to show up on time. It’s not like I am missing anything important anyway,” said Luce.

As seniors are nearing graduation the excitement of moving on from high school plays a huge role in adding to the “senioritis”.

“We are all excited for students to move on with their lives but I hope this senior class will continue to do good things, work hard and be successful because as it is they are my favorite class I’ve had in my four years at Chagrin,” said Ms. Rassi.