2019 Oscars Roll Out the Red Carpet


2019 Oscars Roll Out the Red Carpet


Staff Writer, Kelsey Miller


The 2019 Oscars will be marked in history as one of the most controversial award shows.

With this year having no host and highly competitive nominees, movie-lovers are eager to see exactly how the Oscars will roll out.

“I think that it’s sad that there isn’t a host, but maybe it could be a good thing. They always have different presenters for the award. However, it may take it away because the host made things fun and comedic,” Chagrin Falls High School aid Mrs. Bowen said.

With the Oscars having no host this year, Mrs. Bowen felt that it could create more pressure on the presenters to keep the audience in tune.

Along with this, Mrs. Bowen commented who she thinks was a great host in previous years.

“Ellen Degeneres was a great host. She’s not in a lot of movies or anything but she plays a big role in being a host for the comedic properties,” she said.

In the past, there have been many hosts that have performed well at the Oscars; however, Mrs. Bowen believes that the key to being a great host is keeping the audience interested through comedy.

Along with this, Mrs. Bowen thought that the award for the best picture would have some fierce competition.

“It’s between “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “A Star is Born”. They were both done in such a way that the acting and the storyline was amazing. It really kept the audience interested, and that’s what makes a great movie,” she said.

With the highly competitive nominations, Mrs. Bowen believed that the music-dominated movies had a great plot, creating something that the audience can really enjoy.

Along with Mrs. Bowen, senior Piper Magyaros had high hopes for “Bohemian Rhapsody” as well.

”I have a passion for music, especially older music so when “Bohemian Rhapsody” came out, I was really excited about it. I was wowed by the overall production,” she said.

Overall, “Bohemian Rhapsody” seemed to play a popular role within 2018’s greatest movies.

With “Bohemian Rhapsody”’ having a lot of hype, Magyaros thought that leading actor Rami Malek could have a great chance for winning an Oscar this year.

”I really think that Rami Malek will win an award. He portrayed Freddie Mercury perfectly. Even every mannerism was so flawless,” she said.

Overall, most students had a liking to Malek due to his accurate depiction of Freddie Mercury.

Moreover, senior Kate Michaels believed that Lady Gaga could win an Oscar as well.

“I feel like Lady Gaga is amazing when it comes to emotion. You really feel the power behind her singing and acting,” she said.

In sum, many students believed that many of the actors nominated are capable of winning an Oscar.

Overall, the majority of CFHS thought that this Oscars were shaping up to be the most unique yet.

“I’m certainly positive that everything will go well despite the major controversies that the Oscars have this year,” Michaels said.