Ohio DMV Establishes New Driver Help Program

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Ohio DMV Establishes New Driver Help Program

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On February 7, 2019, The Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles enacted a program that will help get drivers with minor traffic crimes get back on the road quicker.

The program will be a trial run for what Ohio drivers hope will become a permanent thing. Ohio drivers with suspended licenses can sign up online to receive an application for getting back their previously suspended license in a quicker manner than usual. The trial run will end July 31. This means that people with previously suspended licenses will have until then to apply for a reduced suspension time and even fee waivers.

CFHS students have had their fair share of traffic incidents.

Senior Mike Vandertil said, “I have heard about a lot of rough accidents and people losing their licenses for first time offenses. I feel that kids should be punished however an ability to shorten that suspension would be helpful to a lot of them.”

Senior Drew Beckwith feels that the time frame is not going to be that effective.

“I find my driving superior to others and I feel that with this program only lasting 5 months I will never have a chance or need to use it,” said Beckwith.

Junior Adam Munday thinks that the program should enhance its agenda allowing for people to reattain their license quicker.

“If the program had more benefits I feel like people will be back on the road and there will be less time spent in traffic court” said Munday.

Junior Jacob Barona feels that the program should be prolonged in order to help reach more Ohio drivers.

“I feel that it should be a full time thing instead of just because I know a lot of people will benefit from this,” Barona said.

Overall this program will benefit many people in this short amount of time and if it manages to become a full time operation, there is no telling how many people it will help.

Senior Max Faulds thinks that many chagrin students will be able to benefit from this program.

“Many of my friends can be kind of reckless when they drive so I feel they will definitely end up using something like this,” said Faulds.

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