Super Bowl Commercials not as “Super” this year



The Super Bowl was this past Sunday, February 3. The Los Angeles Rams faced the five-time Super Bowl champion New England Patriots in the big game.

Viewers of this event watch the game, halftime show and commercials, which over the years has been a overpowering liking for viewers. Sophomore Justin Lewinski had some words about this year’s commercials.

“They were not up to par with the previous Super Bowl commercials,” Lewinski said

Lewinski describes the commercials as just not fitting.

Junior Kaitlin Burgess agreed with Lewinski’s statements.

“I wish there was more of a variety, I felt like there was the same company over and over,” Burgess said.

Burgess felt very few made her laugh. She wanted more commercials to make her laugh because in her eyes, that is what makes them great. Ms. Powers had some opinions on the commercials as well.

“In my opinion the only good one was the 100 years of NFL,” Ms. Powers said.

She liked seeing all of the players together, but most of the other commercials weren’t well done. Lewinski felt the same way about the NFL 100 commercial.

“I really enjoyed the NFL 100 commercial because I was able to see the players together. However, the chunky milk one had to be my favorite, it was hilarious” Lewinski said.

Lewinski also did not care for the Twilight Zone commercial, as he was freaked out by the eerie music. On the other hand, Burgess was not a fan of the ‘ASMR’ commercial.

“It’s just so creepy, it freaked me out so much,” Burgess said.

A variety of commercials were played trying to appease viewers, but most fell short. Ms. Powers hopes that companies can continue to improve on what is displayed.

“Hopefully next year they can step it up, I just want to something more,” Ms. Powers said.