Senior Project, What is it?


With the end of the school year approaching, Chagrin Falls High School seniors will soon be picking their mentors for senior project. This allows students to get a feel for what it is like to be in their major of choice.

“Senior project allows an opportunity for seniors in which they can do an internship at a location or a business for their career of interest. We try to prepare seniors for life after high school and this allows a hands-on type of work for students,” CFHS assistant principal Ms.Rassi said.

Altogether, senior project is there in order for seniors to gain a better understanding of what their potential major could be.

In addition, Ms. Rassi believes that there are plenty of ways that students can get the most out of their internships.

“Planning is incredibly important. I would recommend for students to get ahead in order to get the most value out of their projects. Waiting until later to pick a mentor just to have something to do for those two weeks won’t allow students to see the value in their own internships,” she said.

All in all, Ms. Rassi has confidence in the idea that seniors must plan in order to have the most success from their projects.

Along with this, Ms. Rassi had hopes for seniors to achieve some goals during their internships.

“The biggest goal is to what seniors put out there. We have had multiple students who after graduating from college actually ending up working where their senior project was. It is all about impression and seeing how one’s specific career choice works,” she said.

All in all, Ms. Rassi values how Chagrin puts an impression on local businesses or general senior project placements.

With Ms. Rassi having some goals for students, senior Mary Baldwin has some aspirations about senior project as a whole.

“Throughout my internship, I hope to learn about all the different paths I can take if I stick to my intended majors and see how the profession works on a day to day basis,” she said.

In general, Baldwin wishes to see what it takes to work in her desired major.

Along with this, Baldwin believes she will gain some responsibility from the experience of senior project.

“I’m majoring in either international relations or criminology. I hope to have responsibilities that correlate to what I one day hope to do like seeing the day to day life of a detective or public affairs specialist with a major company,” she said.

Overall, Baldwin felt confident that her responsibilities going into senior project will better her future.

In addition to Baldwin, senior Quinn Dawson believed he would gain some responsibilities as well.

“I’m majoring marketing and management with a minor in professional sales. I would be accountable for mocking up business plans and cold-calling companies to see if they are interested in our firm. I think this will definitely allow me to get a feel for my career,” he said.

As a whole, Dawson acknowledges that senior project creates an opportunity for students to have a better understanding of their major.

Overall, most students agreed that senior project gives a great insight into what exactly having a job in their chosen career path and feels positively for what is to come.

“I’m really excited for this privilege to have and eager to learn more about my potential work field. I think I’ll have a great outlook for what is outside of Chagrin Falls High School,” Baldwin said.