Pro Bowl Weekend extravaganza

Pro Bowl Weekend extravaganza

The AFC All-Pro team defeated the NFC All-Pro team 26-6 Sunday, January 27, in Orlando Florida at The Camping World Stadium.

This year the Pro Bowl changed locations from Hawaii to Florida, and unfortunately, the weather was not good.

“The rain was not optimal for not only my viewing experience. Not only could I see rain everywhere on the TV but also the players were dropping passes like crazy most notably Jarvis Landry dropped a wide open touchdown pass,” said junior Burke Thompson.

“If I could choose where to have the pro bowl it would either be California in an indoor stadium or back in Hawaii,” said Thompson.

“The game was fun to watch but not great because the beast of the east Patrick Mahomes left no room for the NFC to come back,” said junior Will O’Brien.

Although the game was the main event for most viewers, many were more pleased with the challenges before and after the game.

“The thing I remember most about Pro Bowl weekend was the commentator breaking the trophy. That was my favorite part,” said O’Brien.

Most fans’ favorite part comes in the days before the game in the Skills Showdown. The day before the game, athletes participate in a Dodgeball game and a catching and throwing competition.

“I’m not a very big fan of the NFL but I did watch the dodgeball game and it was honestly pretty entertaining,” said senior Max Faulds.

The Cleveland Browns featured four members this year; Joel Bitonio, Myles Garrett, Jarvis Landry, and Denzel Ward.

“I was excited to finally see some Browns players besides Joe Thomas every year, Cleveland was well represented,” said Thompson.

Pro Bowl weekend had its bumps along the road but overall drew fans across the world with just shy of ten million viewers

“Overall I would give the Pro Bowl a B-plus,” said Faulds.