“Birdbox” A Horror or Thriller?

This article contains spoilers of this film.


The newest horror movie Netflix has added to its movie collection is “Birdbox”. It first aired on December 14, 2018, and has gone viral ever since.

 The movie is about near-future apocalyptic America resulting in the spread of “it”.  The movie stars Sandra Bullock as the main protagonist Malorie.

“Yes, they kill themselves as soon as they see the ‘thing’. These people kill themselves in the quickest way possible, and in the movie, most of the killings were very gruesome,” junior Daisy Hall said.

The events that transpire in the movie are chilling and often leave audiences disturbed.

“The violence would be too much for a kid’s eyes,” Hall later added.

The gruesome events in the movie would definitely leave kids in fright as most of the deaths in the movie are from suicide. The movie has had much debate on whether it should be considered a horror film or a thriller.  

“It was missing out on the crucial part of a good horror film of having a solid antagonist instead of ‘It’,” senior Beck Darden said.  

Although the enemy is considered ‘it’, ‘it’ is never in one physical being, it is multiple kinds of people all around the world. The thrill of the movie was still very present, giving fans that rush of excitement.

“When Malorie named the kids at the end of the movie and released the birds for the box that was pretty cool,” Darden also said.

Opinions on the movie “Birdbox” swing in both directions with some appreciating and liking the movie while others would not recommend this to watch.

“It was an alright movie. It was somewhat entertaining but it’s not something I would recommend,” Willy Armington added.  

Criticism of films often leads to people’s opinions on how they would change the movie to further interest to the public.   

“I would change the way the movie ended. I thought they were going to end up hiding out in a bunker or protect themselves from the outside world,” Armington added.

Written by Joe Conway