Snow For Days


Snow in the 2018-2019 school year has not been consistent enough for school to be cancelled. In fact this has been one of the warmest winters in recent history.

With the warmer weather, students have taken the opportunity to get outside and be active.

Senior Sean Cusack said, “The weather finally held up so I got to run and play some basketball outside. I think my game has improved because of it.”

With the bonus warm weather, Chagrin Falls Tigers Baseball camp was even able to have a day outside to play ball.

Senior baseball player Max Faulds said, “I love that the weather has been so nice, and to see all the young kids turn out for the camp and get to play outside is just amazing.”

However, after the winter break the snow finally began to pick up and chances of a snow day grew even higher.

Senior Mike Vandertil is surprised that school has yet to be called off.

“There have been a few days where the weather has gotten kind of sketchy. I definitely think we should have had at least one,” said Vandertil.

Math teacher Mr. Kerul is an avid predictor of snow days and even incorporates the weather into his class. He has predicted many snow days in the past and students often look to him anytime snow is around in order to get an idea on if a snow day is possible.

Students cherish snow days and do everything in their power to get the day off. Students often beg, plead and even resort to bribery in some cases.

Junior Adam Munday stated, “I once tried to give Mr. Hunt $20 to call off school, but he refused.”

Snow days are a good time for everyone to get some rest and relax.

Sophomore Tate Yonker can often be found spending his snowdays playing video games.

“Fortnite is pretty big right now, so if we get a snow day, I’ll probably try to get dubs. Either that or I’ll play Red Dead,” said Yonker.

Snow day enthusiast junior Jacob Barona said, “Without unexpected days off like snow days, catching up on sleep is really hard to do, and if you’re behind on homework it just makes school that much harder.”

While some students are optimistic about the potential cancellation of school, others are more realistic. Senior Ralph Barone is known to look at things more objectively.

“It is clear that the weather has been too warm for much snow to stay and even then I do not see the snow accumulating enough for a snow day, but you never know,” said Barone.

Another factor that comes into play when schools cancel classes is how cold the temperature actually is. Recently 500 schools in Ohio called off because of the cold air, but Chagrin Falls was not one of them. Which brings back the question, “Will Chagrin Falls have a snow day in the 2018-2019 school year?”