Officer Teaches Students in ‘Shocking’ Way


Recently, School Resource Officer Mike Baldwin was shocked by a TASER device in the AP Physics 2 class.

The demonstration helped the students learn more about electrostatics as Officer Baldwin took a TASER shock from a fellow officer for an incredibly long three seconds.

“[A] portion of the talk [with Dr. Jacobs] prompted my thoughts that maybe a TASER demonstration could show the connection between what students are learning in the classroom and how application is made in relation to a specific use, particularly tools in the law enforcement realm. Following final review and approval by high school principal Ms. Asher and CFPD leadership, the demonstration was a go,” said Officer Baldwin.

Students experienced the demonstration with excitement and awe as the principles of electricity they had been learning were brought to life right in front of their eyes.

“It was a really fun experience, it’s rare to get to do activities like that in our classes, so to have Officer Baldwin come in and do that was really cool,” said senior Max Insolia.

Through inspiration by our school’s teachers, Officer Baldwin understands the great value in going above and beyond, doing anything he can to help the students and encourage learning.

“My thoughts dwell on making encounters with law enforcement officials and the public more positive and personal. I am grateful for the role of SRO in the Chagrin School District and consider it an honor to hold this position. Therefore, I want to do as much as I can to express that I genuinely care, I am a team player, I am not just a glorified security guard, and I truly desire to promote both the safety and academic opportunities for success of each and every student. You as students deserve the best the CFEVS district can bring as you build the knowledge and skills necessary for your lives,” said Officer Baldwin.

Students both understood and appreciated the sacrifice as Officer Baldwin tested his pain tolerance for the betterment of knowledge.

“It was a neat thing for him to do for our class. It looked like it hurt pretty bad, at least that’s what I got from his scream, but overall it was a pretty gnarly experience for our class thanks to Officer Baldwin,” said senior Nick Disanto.

Officer Baldwin definitely agrees with Disanto’s assessment of the pain of the TASER.

“It stinkin’ hurts!  Up to this point in my life, it is the most physically painful thing I have experienced. However, the extreme effects of the TASER only last for the time the device is activated. Another member of the PD and Dr. Jacobs were also needed to stabilize me during the exposure. Otherwise, I would have had an unfriendly encounter with the floor,” elaborated Officer Baldwin.

It appears there’s no limit to how far Officer Baldwin will go for this school and it’s students, but it does not appear that another TASER will be in his future.

“More than likely, there will not be a sequel. That is why I am so glad for mobile device video. I would not be opposed to performing the other aspects of the presentation in upcoming classes because there was valuable information in explaining the principles of the TASER. However, the video will have to suffice in classes to come…at least while the experience is still fresh in my mind,” said Officer Baldwin.