Interactive movie “Bandersnatch” snatches audiences

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Interactive movie “Bandersnatch” snatches audiences

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The Netflix original movie “Bandersnatch” was released December 28, 2018.

To many people’s surprise, the movie put the audience in the main characters’ shoes and allowed them to make choices that lead to different endings.

“Bandersnatch” is the first movie to incorporate choices and decision making into a movie.

“‘Bandersnatch’ was one of the most creative ideas I have seen in a long time,” said senior Beck Darden.

When audiences realized what was going on they were immediately shocked when they had to decide between “Frosties” or “Sugar Puffs” for breakfast in the morning.

“I’ve never seen or done an interactive movie before,” said junior Mason Briggs.

A movie of this magnitude has never been attempted in live action before. Due to the nature of the movie, in order to see all of the content in the movie the watcher must restart from certain points.

“I watched ‘Bandersnatch’ late at night for a solid two or three hours,” said Darden.

Two or three hours does not even cover half of the content that “Bandersnatch” offers, as the the runtime totals over six hours. While some people liked this large amount of content, others were frustrated.

“I liked the movie, but I was kind of annoyed that it was hard to see all of the content,” said senior Max Insolia.

When the viewer reaches a point where they get to the end of a storyline, they are allowed to go back and make different choices that have completely different outcomes.

“I could definitely see this movie format taking off and becoming more popular,” said Briggs.

The closest things to “Bandersnatch” thus far, have been interactive video games. Particularly by the now-defunct game producer Tell Tale that published games such as “The Walking Dead” and “Batman”, both of which involved making choices.

“Bandersnatch” was not without its issues, however.

“I want to see more interactive movies but in a way that is more fleshed out and perfect. I want to see the storylines connect more,” said Insolia.

Many of the story lines did not make sense when watched back to back. The different endings and choices often contradicted each other. Most viewers were not deterred however and reception of “Bandersnatch” was overall very warm.

“I want to see more movies like ‘Bandersnatch’,” said Briggs.

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