Chagrin Falls staff and students reflect on the Consumer Electronics Show


On Tuesday, January 8, companies from around the United States showcased their new innovative products, ranging from wireless chargers to walking cars, in the 2019 Consumer Electronics show located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an organization where nearly 2,000 companies present their highly anticipated products all in a three million square foot space.

“I think that the show is an opportunity for companies to showcase their accomplishments and for the consumers to be aware of the advancements in technology,” said Chagrin Falls math teacher and technology enthusiast Mr. DiGeronimo.

Some of the most notable companies which participated in the CES such as BMW, Mercedes and Toyota, all showcased interesting and unique products.

However, BMW’s riderless bike caught the eye of junior and automobile buff Mason Briggs.

“I think it was a good idea that they came out with it so they can test more advanced safety systems. It would make riding a motorcycle more safe which is always what a motorcyclist wants to do,” Briggs said.

Despite Briggs’s upside on the new motorcycle, he believes there are issues with it.

“They say that this could be used to help teach inexperienced riders how to ride, but as someone who had taken all the motorcycle classes, I liked having someone tell and show me how to ride,” Briggs said. “I would not feel as confident riding a motorcycle if I had a computer show me.”

Aside from automotive technology, the CES was filled with all types of robots, ranging from laundry folding robots to a robotic suitcase that follows you around like a pet.

Junior Joey Mrofchak thinks that these new robotic inventions are an interesting and fun thing to see.

“I think it is cool to see them all over the place and starting to become more and more useful in everyday life,” Mrofchak said. “I feel that if they become too popular and abundant though it will become weird and a bit creepy,” Mrofchak finished.

Despite the new robotic devices being created, Mr. DiGeronimo feels as if the new line of fuel efficient cars stole the show.

“I’m excited to see where future of fuel efficiency goes,” DiGeronimo said. “I would like to see more competition from major manufacturers which will hopefully bring a new age of automotive technology to the forefront.”

Throughout the CES, automotive technology was the leader of the convention, with new products from nearly all major car manufacturers.

Aside from being grounded, one company took it to the air.

Bell, an aircraft manufacturer of both commercial and military helicopters, created a monstrous, four passenger, six air rotor jet black helicopter called Nexus that is anticipated to be taking flight in 2020.

Winston Breeden, a junior at Chagrin Falls who is nearing the final steps of becoming a licensed pilot, is stoked about the Bell Nexus.

“The Bell Nexus looks like an incredible asset to large and medium sized cities for commercial transport of people and resources as long as it is capable of long run times,” said Breeden. “My next goal after my pilots license is to get my helicopter license, so it would be awesome if I got the opportunity to ever fly this.”

Overall, the 2019 CES showed some extraordinary products. From task-fulfilling robots, smarter cars, and improved helicopter technology, the new possibilities impressed a number of people.