Chagrin Falls Common Scholarship

Chagrin Falls Common Scholarship

This school year, various local organizations are providing scholarships to CFHS seniors.

The Chagrin Falls Alumni Association, Chagrin Falls Boosters Club, EnvisionEight, Chagrin Falls Historical Society, Chagrin Valley Jaycees, Chagrin Falls Education Association, Friends of the Chagrin Library, Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce, Family & Friends of Gerry Stueber, Dentistry at Winbury, Tiger Prep and the Kruse Family Foundation are all providing scholarships.
Students can apply to all organizations, but the organizations do not communicate with one another on their selections. Therefore, a student could earn scholarships from more than one organization.   
“I think all seniors should apply because why not? Worst case scenario you don’t win and you are in the same spot you were before. Best situation you not only win one scholarship but multiple; it’s free money, so just do it,” said senior applicant Willy Armington.

“I made sure to let all my friends know because everyone should at the very least apply,” said senior Mick Lawrence.

The applications will be done blindly, so the scholarship committees will be able to give all applicants a fair opportunity to be selected for an interview. Once an application is turned in, the organizations will screen the applications and select candidates for an interview.

The CFAA and Boosters will hold their interviews Saturday, March 16. The other organizations will interview applicants on a date yet to be determined.  Due to the number of applicants, the applications will be screened beforehand and the organizations will notify an applicant if he or she has been selected for an interview.

Some organizations may not interview and will base their decision on the application. The evaluation process considers the student’s entire high school career and requires the completion of the general application along with the specific application designed by that organization.

Scholarship recipients will be announced at the Spring Honors Ceremony.  

“I am definitely going to apply, I really hope I win one,” said Lawerance.
The organizations recommend students spend considerable time on each prompt.  The essays represent who the student and should be done in a manner that accurately does so.

“If I had to give one piece of advice, you need to make sure your spelling and grammar are correct. You should take the time to write well. I also recommend applying for as many as possible,” said Mr. McKenna, the alumni director for the Alumni Association.

Mr. McKenna said to contact him with any issues or problems at [email protected]

Applications are due no later than Friday, February 1.
To apply or get more information go to the Chagrin Falls High School Common Scholarship Application website.