Chagrin Competitors “Shine” in Sunvitational


On January 13, juniors Mikey King and Eli Shall won the Sunvitational Tournament in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for Duo Interpretation.

Duo Interpretation is a two-person speech category where a movie script is cut down to ten minutes and performed. King and Shall perform to the comedy movie, “MacGruber”.

“It gets tough because you can’t look at or touch each other during the performance so you kind of have to work around normal things you’d do if you were in a play or something like that,” King said, emphasizing that the category involves much more than making a group of people laugh for ten minutes.

CFHS social studies teacher Ms. Midlik is the assistant coach for the Speech and Debate team coaches. This is her third year coaching King and Shall, and fourth year coaching for Chagrin.

“With duo sometimes it’s hard because I want to tell them something but it usually works best if they figure it out on their own, so being able to kind of guide them without straight up telling them what to do is kind of a challenge, but once they figure it out, it’s exciting,” Midlik said.

King and Shall spent a lot of time over the summer and before the season preparing for the year ahead.

“You can tell they are a lot more dedicated now. They definitely got the bug freshman year but put in a lot of work in the summers and before the season,” Midlik said.

President of the Speech and Debate team, junior Maggie Mills, watched the semifinal round at the Sunvite tournament and was impressed.
“It’s obvious that they spend a lot of time perfecting their script and all of the motions that they do during a performance. They really stood out from the competition as the funniest, most energetic, and most polished,” she said.  

King said it is a common thing to get the ‘bug’ or nerves before competing, but once starting, all the jitters go away. He knows that in order to do well, they have to stay relaxed in rounds and have as much fun as possible.

“Right before competing, I always feel really tired but once we both start saying our lines, I get into it,” King said.

Having competed in so many tournaments throughout their high school career, it is no surprise King and Shall do get nervous.

Parents, coaches, and supporters have big aspirations for King and Shall as they begin to head into post season which officially starts the first weekend of February.

“We’re looking to have them do really well at states, and have a good shot at qualifying for Nationals,” Midlik said.

“We’ve been preparing all season. Not necessarily for this specific tournament but constantly improving our script,” Shall said.

With this win, King and Shall earned their second and final bid to The University of Kentucky Tournament of Champions as well as their second bid to the National Individual Events Tournament of Champions in Omaha, Nebraska. The pair plan to attend both.