Clemson “Rolls” Over Alabama


On January 7, 2019, the second-seeded Clemson Tigers continued their dominance in college football by defeating the first-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide by a score of 44-16.

The two teams have faced off in the National Championship for the last five years with this year’s game being held at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.    “The Tigers won in 2017, 2018, and 2019 while the Crimson Tide took the victory in 2016 and 2018.

When asked whether there is a growing rivalry between Alabama and Clemson, sophomore and lifelong Alabama fan Elle Moore agreed that the rivalry is growing.  

“Alabama has Auburn but with numerous matchups throughout the years, the rivalry is building,” she said.

With both teams going head to head these past few years, it is no surprise that fans feel a rising rivalry.

Junior Paul Fierman watched the game and believes Alabama and Clemson could well easily be a rival in the near future.

“I thought the game was boring because this is like the fourth or fifth time Clemson and Alabama have played each other. I’m an OSU fan so either way I didn’t care but I would like to see other teams in the National Championship,” Fierman replied.

When asked who he rooted for Fierman replied, “Roll Tide”.

Students here at CFHS take their football very seriously and have many various feelings regarding the game.

Many current students have siblings who have attended either The University of Clemson or the University of Alabama.

“I’ve had 23 family members attend Alabama. I think it’s special because of the love for college and town itself. Even if you don’t know someone but you see them with a Bama hat or shirt you just automatically say “Roll Tide” and it instantly bonds you with that person because of the connection to the school. The school itself also has very many different majors which makes it easy to find something you want to do and it offers amazing scholarships for not just athletics but also academics, ” Moore said.

The University of Alabama offers great extracurriculars but even better education.

Junior Katie Kwasny has had quite a few family members go through The University of Clemson.

“My aunt and uncle went to Clemson and our entire family has been big fans in general. When my brother decided to go last year, my family’s love for the school grew even more,” Kwasny said.

The connection that bonds between colleges and families are uncanny.

The University of Clemson is a very special school and is very welcoming to all.

“In general, Clemson is a special school because of all the school spirit and pride for the University. I visited my brother on game day this year, and I felt so welcomed by everyone,” Kwasny said.

All of the students who attend Clemson are always happy and proud to be a tiger, Kwasny added.

College football always attracts many viewers but this championship game was like no other.

Due to the Clemson blow out against Alabama, the 2019 TV viewers was at 25.3 million. The Clemson victory marks the largest margin of victory since 2012.

The NCAA Division I Football Bowl which began play in 2014 continues to attract many fans from all over the world in hopes of their college football team winning it all.



Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons