Chagrin Falls alum speaks about career in investigative reporting

Chagrin Falls alum speaks about career in investigative reporting

Ryan Luby, who graduated Chagrin Falls High School in 2006, is currently an investigative reporter for news channel Denver7, in Denver, Colorado.

Luby, was a member of “The Tiger Times,” holding the title of editor-in-chief for two of his four years on the staff.

“The Tiger Times was my life at Chagrin. I give a lot of thanks to the teachers who would often let me miss a lecture to handle some sort of Tiger Times calamity,” Luby said.

Luby remembers spending countless weekends at the high school perfecting “The Tiger Times” newspaper.

Furthermore, Luby commented on how his time at Chagrin Falls helped shape his career.

“I always had an interest in communication and television in particular.  I was an avid local news watcher as a child dating back to grade school,” Luby said.

After Luby graduated from CFHS, he attended the University of Missouri for his interest in journalism, giving credit to Lenny May.

May was an English teacher, assistant baseball and football coach, and founder of the school newspaper.

After Luby got his degree at Missouri, he began his career at multiple news agencies, first at KOB 4 News in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and then at his current news agency, Denver7.

According to Luby, he had the best time working in New Mexico.

“Of all the markets I’ve served, New Mexico was the most interesting. The state is so beautiful, but is often mired in some sort of corruption. The people are so genuine and proud of where they live, but they get tired of others abusing the system,” Luby said.

“We caught two unlicensed health care workers – a fake psychologist and a fake doctor – undercover.  Both individuals had ignored the state’s cease and desist orders,” Luby said. “We also discovered that the state rarely enforced its own actions through a potpourri of other eye-opening cases too. The whole series of stories was challenging because we had to unravel and prove just how troubled the system is,” Luby finished.

According to Luby, after numerous tries with obtaining public records on certain undercover cases and continuing their undercover shoots and stories, the Governor of the state of Colorado congratulated Luby and his team on making the community a better and safer place.

Aside from Luby’s success, two of his previous teachers and supervisors did not see his success as a surprise.

Current Chagrin Falls teacher Mr. McKenna added, “I’m impressed with how he has continued to move up ladder in his field in a major city, and I expect that he will have more success in years to come,” Luby said.

Another teacher that enjoyed having Luby as a student was English teacher Dr. Beach.

“He was the most disciplined and determined student I have ever taught. He was a great leader, too. He made people, including myself, want to be better just so we could be on the same playing field as him,” Beach said.