Chagrin Falls Families are ready for the 2018 Holiday season!



Each Year, families and friends storm the snow covered Chagrin Falls Village, reuniting for the holiday season.

Downtown Chagrin becomes home for many as they celebrate the holidays with the countless cherished traditions of the town. Every family has different annual traditions they follow.

The tree lighting is a staple of Chagrin Falls, and the town comes together to watch the tree light up for the first time on November 26.

“My favorite part is definitely the tree lighting downtown. My family goes to see it every year,” junior Daisy Hall said.

Many families are reunited during the holiday season.

“I can’t wait for my brother to come back so we all have Christmas together,” Hall said.

Cherished and remembered by nearly all who grew up in Chagrin, some of the favorites are Santa coming to town hall, Letters to the North Pole, and the dropping of the popcorn ball.

Senior Ben Baker can’t wait to get off school, get into the holiday mood, and chill with his family.

“I spend the holidays by the fire, relaxing at home with my family, or in town enjoying the sweet decorations put up for the season,” Baker said.

Baker loves to watch the chestnuts roast on the open fire while he and his family enjoy holiday classics like his favorite movie “Santa With Muscles” (1996) on TV. He and his family are huge fans of the burning of the Yule log on the Winter Solstice, a Scandinavian tradition that has been brought to the United States.

Likewise, Hall likes to spend time with all of her family in downtown Chagrin at one of the many fine establishments, specifically Yours Truly.

“We always go get breakfast at Yours Truly with the whole family,” Hall said.

Similar to Hall, many Chagrin families flock to Yours Truly in the mornings as one of the Towns signature restaurants. Senior Max Faulds explained how his family felt Chagrin was unique.

“My family loves Chagrin because of the quaint traditions and togetherness,” Faulds said.

The Holidays are right around the corner, and Chagrin students couldn’t be happier about spending them with their families and friends in the place they all call home.

“The town brings everyone together during the holidays,” Faulds said.