Christmas Decorations bring Christmas cheer to Chagrin.

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Christmas Decorations bring Christmas cheer to Chagrin.

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On November 21, Chagrin Falls Jaycees worked hard to bring Christmas joy to the village with their beautiful decorations.
Each Jaycee joining the organization for a different reason, however, they share the same interest in staying active with events and donating time.

“Each Jaycee has different reasons for joining our organization and more importantly staying active with events and donating time. Holiday Lighting is an event that gets great support. Many Jaycees bring their young children to help. We do this to teach our kids the importance of community involvement and to show them to be proud of Chagrin Falls,” president of the Jaycees Matt Michalek said.
Taking pride in the Chagrin Falls community is one of the most important things that the Jaycees take into consideration. Along with this, Michalek values the history within the Jaycees as well.
“The CVJCs have been involved with the decorations since 1954 and assumed full responsibility in 1961,” he said.
Traditions and keeping history has always been a part of the community, however, the Jaycees continue to delight Chagrin Falls with their decorating.
With the decorating tradition continuing, the Jaycees often put many hours of labor in order to make things like the tree lighting possible.
“The main benefit is the internal satisfaction a person gets when they know they are part of something that makes a community stronger. However, the holiday decorations take slightly more than 1,000 hours not including fundraising efforts, so it is definitely a huge commitment,” he said.
Overall, the difficult labor work of a Jaycee also creates the contentment of helping out the community and bringing Christmas joy.
Within the difficult process of decorating Chagrin, Michalek revealed how the community can help out the Jaycees in making events like the tree lighting and Blossom as best as they can be.
“[We need] support; both financial and new members are the most important thing in helping the Jaycees.  Each year we receive more donation requests than we can satisfy. We need the financial support of our community and local businesses to continue our mission. We are always looking to get younger members of our community involved,” he said.
Overall, without the support and donations that they receive, certain events like the tree lighting, blossom, and the other thirty charitable organizations would not be possible.
With all the decorations set up this year, junior Hanne Wilson reveals her feelings about how everything looks.
“I think that the Jaycees do an amazing job every year. I know they put a lot of hard work into making our town look incredible and I really appreciate it. It really looks like we are living in a Christmas wonderland,” she said.
Community members like Wilson display their gratitude for the Jaycees as they continue with the Christmas decorations every year.
Along with Wilson, junior Sophee Newbauer also emphasized her fondness for the decorations.
“I love the decorations they put up every year. Every community members’ eyes seem to light up with how beautiful everything looks,” she said.
In general, the community greatly recognizes the Jaycees hard work and will continue to support them as years go by.
In sum, the Jaycees will continue to better the community throughout these events and decorations that they provide are incredibly grateful for the immense support.

“I would like to thank the past CVJCs Presidents for what they have created to make Chagrin Falls the community it is today. I would also like to thank Ken Kvacek who provided the historical information related to Holiday decorations in Chagrin Falls,” Michalek said.

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