Urban Meyer To Retire From Ohio State

Urban Meyer To Retire From Ohio State

The head coach for The Ohio State University’s football team Urban Meyer plans to retire after the Rose Bowl.

Meyer has a medical condition in which a cyst has grown in his brain and if he becomes too stressed out the cyst could kill him.

The head coach for Ohio State has had an illustrious career at multiple schools, including The University of Florida. Meyer has a career record at Ohio State of 81 and 9 and will have a shot to win his twelfth bowl game to end his outstanding career.  

Ohio State Buckeye fan, senior Max Faulds can often be found cheering for and watching highlights of his team.

“I love the Buckeyes, and I feel that they just won’t be the same team that they have been for the next few years with Urban gone,” said Faulds.

The Big Ten is the conference the Buckeyes play in, and has been dominated by Ohio State Since Urban Meyer became the coach in 2012.

Michigan State fan, sophomore Tate Yonker has always been opposed to the Buckeyes.

“I feel The Big Ten will be a lot more competitive and MSU might be able to get some more recruits and maybe win a Big Ten Championship,” said Yonker.

With Meyer leaving Ohio State the recruiting process for other schools instantly has become easier. Ohio State has already lost 2 ESPN top 300 recruits since this announcement.

“I think Ohio State will have some trouble this next year, they already lost the two recruits and possibly more, so hopefully OSU stays competitive but they will probably struggle next year,” said Faulds.

Avid Michigan supporter, junior Cam Owen can always be seen supporting the Wolverines.

“I think Michigan will finally be able to beat OSU and run the table for a championship,” said Owen.

The Ohio State and Michigan Rivalry is one of the most well known in sports. Every year the two colleges compete in what is known as “The Game”.

“I feel that ‘The Game’ will still be competitive but with Meyer gone it is finally Jim Harbaugh’s time to shine in the Rivalry,” said Owen.

Unfortunately, in Meyer’s final year as a head coach he will miss the college football playoffs, but his legacy will not be tarnished as he has a chance to go out on a high note as the Buckeyes take on the University of Washington Huskies.

“Urban Meyer will go down as one of the best college coaches of all time. If he did not have health problems I feel he could have coached another 10 years and added to it,” said Faulds.