Car of the Month: Drew Beckwith


The long-awaited return of “Car of the Month” is finally here to pay our respects to some of the finest automobiles that drive on the exceptionally paved roads of Chagrin Falls High School.

This month’s car of the month belongs to senior Drew Beckwith’s 2007 black Ford Explorer.   

“I’m really so honored to be the car of the month, I’m not going to say I was expecting to win, but no other car really stands a chance next to the ol’ 07,” said Beckwith.

Beckwith has driven the car since earning his learner’s permit back in 2015. However, the car has been in the family since 2007 and was formerly driven by Beckwith’s father, Craig.

“Obviously the car has gone through some wear and tear through the years, but it’s still a great car. The passenger side door doesn’t really work too well anymore, and the aux cord is real sketchy, but it really gets the job done,” said Beckwith.

Beckwith’s car is as attached to him as his silky southern accent. However, he’s not the only one in the school to be caught riding dirty in a 2007 Ford Explorer.

“It’s really an honor to drive the same car as the car of the month. Me and Beckwith feel great about driving the same car; sometimes we’ll park next to each other. Although I personally didn’t win, it brings a tear to my eye for such an amazing car to be getting the recognition it deserves,” said senior Ralph Barone.

The black exterior of the car matches extremely well with the beige leather interior, giving Beckwith quite a good looking car. However, this does not stop Beckwith from personalizing the car and really making it his own.

“The car looks great all the time, but I really try to maximize its potential so I slapped a University of Alabama sticker on the back and the really completed the look of the car,” said Beckwith.

Although the top-notch looks of the car cannot be understated, the car also provides a smooth ride with the functionality that Beckwith needs.

“Personally, I hit the curb a lot, like 9-10 times a week, but with this car, I just glide right over them with no issues. Also, it goes pretty fast so if I ever get into a drag race I think I’ll be in pretty good shape,” said Beckwith.

The large interior also allows for Beckwith’s car to serve as great transportation for friends.

“I love getting rides in Beckwith’s car, it’s got some good leg room, and when the aux cord works I can bump some Uzi or Trippie Redd and it’s always a good ride,” said sophomore Mikey Amendola.

Beckwith takes great pride in his car and has big plans for the future of such a fine automobile.

“I want to drive this car for a long time, I’m guessing I’ll be driving in it until my late 70s,” said Beckwith.