Back from Birth

Beloved middle school teacher and former JV basketball coach Mrs. Hinesman has returned after having her first child, Louisa.

Mrs. Hinesman returned November 10th, after missing the first two months of school.

“It’s good to see everyone. It is also nice to just be teaching again,” Mrs. Hinesman said.

She also is excited to see her students again, having missed talking to them every day.

Former student and basketball player sophomore Sadie Nachtwey was excited to see her again.

“I was so excited to see her return. I loved having her as a basketball coach and as a teacher when I was in middle school,” Nachtwey added.

Nachtwey also spoke about her overall happiness for Mrs.Hinesman’s new addition to the family as well as having her back in the middle school. Mrs. Hinesman was missed greatly but was back in a short period of time. Mrs. Hinesman related her maternity leave to a summer break.

“[It was] just like a summer break. When I came back, I was just excited to see all of my friends. I was ready to come back and just work through problems again,” Hinesman stated.

Mrs. Hinesman also talked about how she was excited to just be back at school. Many of Mrs.Hinesman’s former students and players are also excited to see her return. Although due to the baby, Hinesman will not be returning to coaching. Nachtwey has some words for the coach.

“I had some of the best memories from my freshman year with Coach Hinesman; the basketball season won’t be the same without her,” Nachtwey said.

Junior Kaitlyn Burgess remembers her freshman and sophmore year with Mrs.Hinesman.

“I had so much fun in the basketball season, and I know now whenever I need her I know where to find her,” Burgess said.  

Mrs. Hinesman also led the JV girls basketball team last year to a victorious record of 18-4. Mrs. Hinesman will be missed on the court but is well-appreciated at school as a phenomenal math teacher.

Burgess also mentioned Mrs. Hinesman’s incredible teaching skills and the positive influence she has on students. Previously, Mrs.Hinesman has taught a PLTW (Project Lead The Way) class for the middle school and a high school freshman science class.

“This is new for me, teaching seventh grade math; however, I really enjoy it. I have taught both robotics and science, this is a new and exciting experience,” Mrs. Hinesman said.  

Mrs. Hinesman is ready for a new school year and new experiences.

“I am just excited to be back and can’t wait for another great school year.”