Students Review Call of Duty Black Ops 4

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One of the newest and most popular games of 2018 is Call of Duty “Black Ops 4”. “Black Ops 4” is a multiplayer first person shooter, which unlike traditional Call of Duty games does not feature a single player campaign.

The game hit stores on October 12 and is available for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.  

Senior and video game enthusiast Blake Schumacher said, “I think the game is fun, however I can only play with my friends otherwise it gets boring,”

The game is very popular among middle school, high school, and college students.

“Black Ops 4” has three main game modes, “Multiplayer,” “Blackout”and “Zombies”.

“I love multiplayer, when my friends and I are dominating the other team it’s just really fun,” said Schumacher.

Senior Aj Baldini can often be found on the Prestige grind.

“I love the different characters that you can play as and the different abilities you have, it offers a different game play every time,” said Baldini. “I love playing as Nomad because his ability and specialist weapon really fit my play style.”

Play style is very important to success in this game, a player needs to know when to take cover and when to push.

“I love playing aggressively however depending on the game mode you need a mix between aggressiveness and passiveness,” said Schumacher.

Even though Baldini believes that “Black Ops 4” is a good game he recognizes that there are issues due to its newness.

“I think the game needs to fix a couple bug issues and balance the weapons however the biggest thing they need to fix is the spawns, but other than that I love it,” said Baldini.

“Black Ops 4” has continued the tradition of multiplayer and zombies but has discontinued the campaign game mode in favor of Blackout. Blackout has hit on the ever popular battle royale game mode and made their own unique version.

“I really love the Blackout game mode. It combines the typical multiplayer mechanics with the new battle royale idea I love running around and getting wins with the squad,” said senior Ralph Barone.

Perhaps the most widespread community of gamers in the “Call of Duty” franchise is the Zombies community.

“I love ‘Zombies’, it is my favorite game mode of all time there is just so much to offer whether I am going for high rounds hunting for Easter Eggs, I just really enjoy it,” said sophomore Tate Yonker.

Between the three game modes “Black Ops 4” has really hit the nail on the head and offers a great experience for all gamers.

“I recommend ‘Black Ops 4’ for anyone who wants to get on the gaming scene it is easy to learn and just super fun to play,” said Barone.  

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