Chagrin Falls Students Decide Favorite Cartoon


In a recent poll conducted by the Chagrin Falls Tiger Times, the CFEVS community chose Spongebob as its favorite cartoon.

The top four cartoons as voted by the community are as follows:  “Spongebob”, “Phineas and Ferb”, “Regular Show” and “Gravity Falls”.

Senior and local cartoon enthusiast Max Faulds can often be found at home settling down to a nice cartoon.

“I typically spend around two hours a day watching Netflix and looking for new cartoons to watch,” said Faulds.

The polls yielded a surprising count. The tally was more so in favor of the younger generation of cartoons. Classic cartoons like “Scooby Doo” only accounted for only 10% of the vote.

Faulds was slightly disappointed in the results.

“Personally, I feel that some of the classic cartoons such as “Scooby-Doo” or “Looney Toons” should have gotten some more recognition. Although the top four shows are good, I feel this younger generation is missing out on some of the best cartoons of all time.”  

Sophomore Tate Yonker has his own views on the results.

“You just cannot beat the new cartoons. Between “Regular Show” and “Spongebob”, why would anybody watch anything else?”

Although there are varying opinions on which cartoon is the overall best, the general opinion is that cartoons help the students get away from the real world for a bit.

“I feel that because cartoons are animated and are not actual people, my mind lets me escape reality and focus on other things for a while,” said senior Sean Cusack.

When school is getting stressful and people need a break, cartoons are the go-to for many of Chagrin’s students.

“My friends and I when we get done shooting hoops go inside and watch “Spongebob”. We try to avoid doing schoolwork as much as possible,” Yonker said.

The success of a cartoon depends on many things, but in the eyes of many Chagrin students, there is one aspect that deems a cartoon worthy of watching.

“I will watch any cartoon if it is well written and makes me laugh. I could care less about animation and how long it takes to watch. As long as there is some comedic gold put in there I will watch it,” said Cusack.  

Whether they are fans of the old cartoons or the new ones, Chagrin students are obsessed with cartoons.

“I just love how in the cartoon world anything is possible. I feel that because there is an infinite amount of possibility in those worlds, I start to believe there is more possibility in this world,” said Faulds.