Student Council Update


Chagrin Falls Student Council has been working hard this year to make the high school a more exciting place.

They help organize events like dances and pep rallies for our entertainment.

Sage Klein is the Executive President of Student Council.

“I’m trying to make sure all of my classmates have the best high school experiences, with all the stress of work it’s nice to enjoy school,” senior Sage Klein said.

 Klein wants high schoolers to be able to have the opportunity to have some fun during school hours.

“The Blood drive was November 9 and is a big event for us. My biggest goal this year is to make sure no seniors need to miss Springfest for AP tests. Also, we are going to have a pep rally incorporating as many sports as we can,” Klein added.

Klein has set a new goal for this year to make sure seniors enjoy their last few days of school in a positive way. With all this organizing some would think that it would be stressful and propose challenges to make the student body happy.

However, student council manages their time very well and gets their objectives done.  

“There are no challenges other than the fact that people think I have more power than I actually do. Really, the student council is a democratic system in which every member has equal weight to their voice,” senior Student Council President Seokjoon Han said.

Han has organized lots of festivities for our school this year.  Including homecoming parade and the blood drive.

“I enjoy the fact I am representing something bigger than myself. I enjoy experiencing this role of being a leader because I learn how to communicate and cooperate with people in a group setting,” Han said.

They work so we can enjoy our time in school. Student council is friendly and helpful for everyone in the school.    

“Very collaborative, getting involved in the school and community. Student council is passionate about trying to make the school a better place,” Taber said.  

Photo courtesy photojournalist senior Niah Johnson