Chagrin Falls students start new businesses in the community

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Chagrin Falls students start new businesses in the community

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In the past year, a number of Chagrin Falls High school students have started their own businesses.

Seniors Colin Brosnan and Josh Janus founded Flash Cop this past summer, Senior Bradyn Carroll founded Touch Up Shoe Cleaning two months ago.

Flash Cop is a shopping services company that runs automated software to help people purchase limited release clothing and sneakers, operates on a subscription model.

After spending some time reselling clothing last year, Brosnan realized that bots had become a necessity to purchase limited release clothing, but they cost more than most people could pay.

“I saw this as a perfect opportunity to provide them with automation services at a fraction of the price of purchasing a high-quality bot outright. I teamed up with Josh Janus, who initially introduced me to reselling, and together we founded Flash Cop,” Brosnan said.

To use the service, members pay a monthly fee and currently has just under 100 members from 10 countries.

“We’re hoping to continue adding to our member base, as well as add new features to our services for our existing members,” Brosnan said.

Senior Bradyn Carroll also owns a clothing-related company.

“I provide a service. More specifically, I clean shoes,” Carroll said.

Carroll launched “Touch Up Shoe Cleaning”, a service designed to take old, dirty, shoes and clean them to near perfect condition. Carroll launched the business just under two months ago and has had good success.

He was inspired after getting tired of seeing people with dirty shoes and working boring jobs.

“After working multiple boring high school jobs, I decided I wanted to create an easy way for me to make more money with little work. Having an interest in clothing, shoes, etc, I did some research and found a great way to make money for myself.”

When asked about advice for people looking to start a business Carroll said, “The hardest part is sitting down and doing it and also making the commitment to keep your business up and running. You have to be able to market what you are selling and build a good base of consumers.”

Flash Cop can be found on instagram @flashcopio, Touch up Shoe Cleaning can also be found on instagram @touchupshoecleaning. Give some support by giving them a follow or checking out the account.

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