Chagrin Students Jam Out to “Quavo Huncho”

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Chagrin Students Jam Out to “Quavo Huncho”

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Atlanta based Rapper Quavo’s self-titled album,“Quavo Huncho”,dropped October 12 and many Chagrin students are still bumping it.

Quavo, who is one-third of the Migos rap group, had an unfortunate start to 2018 with the Migo’s “Culture 2”, but managed to make his way to the number 2 spot on album charts with “Quavo Huncho”. Quavo recruited many great artists like Travis Scott, Drake, and Kid Cudi. As a result, fans raved about the album and Quavo reclaimed his spot in the rap game.

“Quavo raps in a way no one else can,” Senior Clay Luce said.

Quavo’s unique lyrics about his rich lavish lifestyle are very popular among many rap fans. Along with the actual lyrics, many Chagrin students thought the production on the album was superior to that of many recent rap albums.

“The beat gets me going,” junior Martin Wafalosky said describing the astonishing production of the track “LOSE IT” featuring Lil Baby.

A modern rap album wouldn’t be complete without some of the best producers in the game, and “Quavo Huncho” is no exception. Some of the songs have few second long “producer tags” or audio samples producers have added to the beginnings or ends to credit themselves for making the beat.

“The second I heard ‘Wheezy Outta Here’ on ‘FLIP THE SWITCH’ I knew it was gonna be a banger,” Luce said.

Produced by Wheezy and featuring Drake, “FLIP THE SWITCH” debuted at number 48 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and is the most popular song on the album. It is the favorite song on the album of many Chagrin students, also.

“I love it, it gets me hyped up for whenever I need to do something athletic,” Wafalosky said.

Although many students like the album, some think that it could have been improved upon.

“There should be more songs,” senior Beck Darden said regarding the album as a whole.

As a 19-song album, “Quavo Huncho” is larger compared to most recent rap albums. For example, Travis Scott’s “ASTROWORLD”, which dropped in August, only has 17 songs. But, Darden believes that Quavo redeemed himself by bringing to light some current problems in his songs.

“I loved how Quavo took on social issues like police brutality,” Darden said as he discussed Quavo and Offset’s song regarding police in America.

Overall, Quavo successfully delivered an album complete with memorable features, Triple-A production, and his own personal touch.

”I’d give it a ten out of ten,” said Darden.

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