Chagrin Schools Face Challenge


In September of 2017, library media specialist Mrs. Jameson successfully introduced the BookFace Challenge into the Chagrin Falls School district.

Every month, Mrs. Jameson invites CFEVS staff and students to participate in the BookFace Challenge where they have the opportunity to incorporate their face or body parts into a book cover, creating an illusion.

“I came across an article in the New York Times, that was called “Oh, Those Clever Librarians and Their #BookFace”. Someone sent me it and I thought it was super cute,” said Mrs. Jameson.

Although Mrs. Jameson did not come up with the original idea, she added her own twist and uniqueness to the original challenge.

The BookFace challenge is especially significant to me because it combines my two passions: literature and photography” she said “Anyone in the district can participate. There are prizes in high school, middle school, and there is a prize for the staff,”  Mrs. Jameson said.

To award prizes, the CFEVS staff votes on a monthly winner.

“Students submit through email, and if more than five people submit, we narrow it down with the rubric, and from there the entire CFEVS staff has the option to vote,” Mrs. Jameson said.

In order to win, students and staff must score high in the areas of strategically lining up the face or another body part alongside a book cover that features a matching body part so that there appears a melding of life and art, creativity, quality, and strategically planned and staged backgrounds.

CFHS sophomore Jess Kelly won the October BookFace Challenge.

“I thought it was cool. You win a gift card to Amazon so that is always a plus,” Kelly said.

Teachers throughout high school and middle school have also participated in the Bookface Challenge. Mrs. Heintzelman, the 7-12 RtI Center Coordinator, is hopeful more teachers and students will participate in the future.

“Mrs. Jameson promoted it really well, and it seemed like something fun to do for the school,” she said.

Participating in the BookFace Challenge is not hard, but rather invites creativity and identifies the uniqueness in books.

“One night I was bored and had no homework so I decided to participate,” Kelly said.

Many students at both CFHS and CFMS are utilizing the BookFace challenge as a

way to interact with friends, win prizes, and have fun.  

“The BookFace Challenge impacts Chagrin because it encourages students and teachers to look at books they usually wouldn’t. It also gets people to come to the Innovation Center and high school library,” said Heintzelman

The next BookFace Challenge will be on November 2 and can be emailed to [email protected] to submit. Good luck!