Lady Tigers Volleyball Team sums up a great season


On Wednesday, October 24, the Lady Tigers wrapped up their volleyball season with a great battle against Laurel High School.

   “They came out of this season being themselves and that is something that I am absolutely so proud of. I love the safe environment that the girls create and can honestly say that everyone has each other’s back. I truly saw that in the semi-finals,” CFHS Varsity Volleyball Coach Piccone said.

   With the volleyball season coming to an end, Coach Piccone valued the girls’ ability to be themselves and enjoy each other in a time of competition.

   Along with this, Coach Piccone believes that her team has a lot of volleyball strengths.

“I remember our first Independence game. We scored the most points out of everyone who has been against them. They truly played for the love of the game and played the best to their abilities. They really held on to their faith and confidence and I admire that,” she said.

Overall, Coach Piccone was very pleased with all aspects that her team had, whether that was the bond that they have, their self-esteem, or their trust in each other.

   In addition, the Lady Tigers showed their great teamwork throughout the season, making their coach as well as their fans, very proud.

“I want them to care about the sport their playing; however, I noticed that they cared more about each other rather than winning, which is so important. I know that we did not win all games, but we did win most with the combination of trust and care in the team. Without this, I don’t think that we would be great as we are today,” she said.

Along with Coach Piccone, senior Kennedy Kurz really valued a close relationship with her team, too.

“I think that it is important to always back up a teammate, even if they make a mistake. I think that everyone should support their team not only during games and practices but outside of that as well,” she said.

   Overall, Kurz cherished the idea of a team that has a close relationship with each other.

Along with this, Kurz had some advice to future CFHS volleyball players to have the environment that the Lady Tigers achieved this season.

“Always have fun but make sure to stay focused. Having that determination and motivation and overall setting goals for yourself as well as your team is an important thing to have. I also would say that hanging outside of school with your team is important in order to feel close with them,” she said.

With Kurz’s last season of volleyball, she took away some of the most impactful things she had gone throughout the season and hopes that future CFHS volleyball players have as great of an experience as she did.

In addition, senior Emma Vaccaro felt extremely attached to her team as well.

“I always made sure to talk to not only the varsity team but the freshman and JV team as well. We do a lot of team meals and we even got Crocs together. We did little things and I think that I’ll always remember that,”she said.

Vaccaro explained her love for the team and how she will carry those memories throughout her life.

Along with Kurz, Vaccaro had a great sense of pride for her team as the season comes to an end.

“The game is a huge part of volleyball, however, I will always remember how amazingly kind and supportive my team was. I know that I am definitely going to miss that,” she said.

Photo of junior Gabi Rini courtesy senior Miranda Hamann