Seniors help out on Philanthropy Day

Every year, the Chagrin Falls High seniors help out the community through Philanthropy day.

Philanthropy Day allows the seniors to help the community through opportunities such as the food bank, helping students at the Intermediate School and Gurney, as well as cleaning up the Metroparks.

“Chagrin Falls High school believes in giving back to the community. Our community is incredibly supportive to us,” CFHS Assistant Principal, Ms. Rassi said.

CFHS strives to allow students to receive more community service hours but most importantly help out those in need.

Ms. Rassi found that most of the senior class really enjoyed their experience at Philanthropy Day no matter what their opportunity was.

“I only got positive feedback. I’m excited that everyone had fun helping out the community and I hope it stays this way for years to come,” she said.

In addition, Ms. Rassi had some goals that she would like the students to take part in as the years go by.

“I would like students to take more ownership of Philanthropy Day. It is a lot of organization for me and I think that I would like students to really take the responsibility in helping out the community,” she said.

Overall, Ms. Rassi would like CFHS seniors to come up with some of their own Philanthropy Days and carry community service throughout their lives.

“I really love the food bank because I feel that it isn’t a thing that students would go out and do on their own. I think that it is a really unique experience. However, I think all students should try the opportunities we offer outside of school as well,” she said.

Overall, Ms. Rassi values the idea of students giving back to the community without any help from the school as well.

Along with Ms. Rassi, senior Allison Pilotti enjoyed the food bank as well.

“It was really great! I went to the food bank and it made me so happy to see how much food was being donated to people in need. I felt really satisfied with myself after the experience,” she said.

Pilloti had not been involved with the food bank in the past, she felt that she enjoyed a new experience and helping out those in need.

Along with this, Pilotti seemed to be interested in other opportunities besides the food bank as well.

“I wish that I could have gone out to the Metroparks. I love being with nature and I would hate to see any trash that piles up in our beautiful parks,” she said.

Overall, most students agreed that each opportunity was extremely impactful and enjoyable and wanted to try out other options as well.

Senior Greyson Brett said she wanted to continue giving back to the community.

“I felt so happy to know that we helped a lot of people out. I can see myself definitely helping out at the food bank in the future,” she said.