Expert Photographer Visits Photojournalism Class

Expert Photographer Visits Photojournalism Class

On September 27, the Chagrin Falls Photojournalism class dove into a workshop with expert photographer, Tennessee Rick Elliot.

Elliot effectively taught the class how to shoot sports photography, a lesson they will use to make the yearbook something special.

Elliot’s photography resume spans from monochrome, and color, to performers and natural light. Elliot uses a variety of techniques in his work and brought his experience and insight to Chagrin Falls.

“He opened my eyes to numerous new photography techniques I can implement when shooting for assignments,” said senior Sophie Zitney. “I want to continue to do well to make this year book a memorable one.”

The workshop was full of activities that allowed for students to creatively express themselves.

“We did a group activity on how to pose groups for more unique team shots,” Zitney stated.

This experience is particularly important because there are so many Chagrin students involved in high school athletics.

Senior Sam Dolan also took part in the workshop.

“We walked around the school taking pictures of things we thought were interesting, then we went to the gym and learned how to take action photos of sports,” Dolan stated.

Sam enjoyed what he had to teach him, and feels the experience will carry over to the yearbook this year.

“Any time he opened his mouth, he said something insightful about photography,” Dolan said.

Students in the yearbook class found that with the help of Elliott, their photographing skills were heightened dramatically.

“I would say my sports photography before was about a 3 and now its at least about an 9 because I learned more about what angles are best to shoot pictures from,” Zitney stated.

There are many memories to be captured for the yearbook. Both Dolan and Zitney, along with the rest of the yearbook students are looking forward to using their experiences from the workshop making the yearbook the best one yet, especially the sports section.