Students are Crafting relationships

Students are Crafting relationships

On Wednesdays after school, students meet to play video games in the Chagrin Falls High School commons.

The Gaming Club, formerly known as the Minecraft Club, changed its name to make the club more appealing to a wider variety of students. After school members meet and play whatever games or activities their hearts desire. Students participate in a wide variety of games. Some popular activities are ping-pong and Super Smash Bros.

“I think The Gaming Club is a great thing for students to be involved in for something to do outside of school to build relationships with fellow peers and just have a good time. It keeps kids out of trouble,” stated senior Mick Lawrence.

The Gaming Club typically consists of very passionate, expressive and individualistic people.

Specifically, freshman Bryson Blair, claims to be a vital member of Gaming Club since its creation.

“I love going every Wednesday. It’s really, really fun, I’m a massive Minecraft fan, and I even do cosplays sometimes. For example just last Wednesday I was dressed as Steve, [the main character in Minecraft],” Blair said.

Additionally, senior Ben Baker just hopped on the bandwagon this year.

“To think I’ve walked the same virtual paths as other people like Bryson. To think I stand hollow ground of commons its more than an honor its a privilege. Gaming Club is the dopest thing to hit the streets since sliced bread,” Baker said.

The Gaming Club has expanded since its introduction in 2014. One notable alum Charlie, who attends Kent State University, recently attended a regional Super Smash Bros for Wii U tournament in Cleveland.

Another avid supporter of the club, senior AJ Baldini, shared his tragic story. “Gaming Club is my favorite club. However, after I dislocated my shoulder while participating in the super rad game Super Smash Bros, I still have yet to return to my former glory. Those darn controllers really take a hit on the arms,” Baldini said.