What’s Happening In Fantasy Football? All that you need to know.


On September 6, the 2018-19 NFL season kicked off, commencing the start of the Fantasy Football season.

Fantasy Football is a virtual game where players are their own general manager of their football team and compete against other real-life people each week. Each specific competitor drafts their own team consisting of 16 players. Each week, the NFL players that they pick compete to gain points based on their real-life in-game performances.

Out of 38 Chagrin Falls High School students polled, 19 said they played Fantasy Football.

“Fantasy Football is very enjoyable and makes you watch more NFL games. It really makes every week exciting to see how each of your players will perform,” said junior Burke Thompson.

Overall, many CFHS students who enjoy the NFL are having a fun time playing Fantasy and competing against their friends, as well as inviting people to join their leagues on ESPN, or any Fantasy Football website.

“I enjoy playing Fantasy Football because of how competitive it is during the season but especially during the playoffs,” said junior Jonathan Mares.

During the regular NFL season, every person in the league rotates and competes against one another. Around the thirteenth or fourteenth week of the NFL season, the playoffs for Fantasy start, which every member of the league participates in.

What makes Fantasy Football stand out is the ability to pick up players, drop players, and trade for players, even after your team is drafted.

“I don’t have any good wide receivers right now, so I might try and trade for one. Also, I always look at the free agency for any good pickups,” said senior Jake Freese.

While Fantasy is very fun and exciting to play, it would be cool for modifications to be added to provide for more diverse teams and matchups.

“I would want there to be an option to add a special teams player like a return guy and have their return yards count for points just like the other players,” said Thompson. “Another implement that might be cool is picking a specific defensive player and having their stats count as points.”

These modifications could be very interesting if implemented, and could be a big possibility for ESPN. As a result of this, many more fans of football would be drawn to playing Fantasy Football.

On the contrary, playing Fantasy Football is entertaining in seeing which players score the most points each week, as well as viewing the important matchups for the week, and exercising which player would be best to start based on the team they are facing.

“For me, Patrick Mahomes has been amazing,” said Freese.

Due to the non-stop anticipation, as well as an exciting competition against friends each week, and seeing which players help your team and outperform others, Fantasy Football is a great way for NFL fans to have fun with their favorite players.