Yours Truly Restaurant Gets Modern Renovation



At the beginning of August, Yours Truly Restaurant in downtown Chagrin reopened after a complete renovation and expansion.

Their main clientele is families or people craving American diner food. The Chagrin location is one storefront out of nine in the Cleveland area.

Dixie Singer, the president of Yours Truly Restaurant, said that the renovation was a huge hit.

It has been well-received, and we are busier,” Singer said.

When the restaurant opened again, customers could immediately tell a difference in the look. The restaurant had more of an open floor plan with a modern look and a bar, changing the ambiance, but Mrs. Singer reinforced that she wants to keep the family-friendly feel while expanding the clientele.

“The ambiance has become more lively and fun, while maintain the classic YT family-friendly feel,” Singer said.

The designers of Yours Truly Restaurant took an interesting design change on the Chagrin location. Instead of staying with the old 60’s vibe like its other locations, they decided to modernize.

“It’s a great place to eat with your family and enjoy downtown Chagrin!” said Kaden Ruffer.

Yours Truly has breakfast covered, from its amazing pancakes to its eggs and different breakfast treats, and or breakfast, it only really competes with Einstein’s Bagels.

“Constantly reviewing and looking into making the experience for the customer better, some of the restaurants improvements did in fact come from the feedback of customers,” she said.

For lunch, they compete with most of the local restaurants like Flipside, Heinen’s, Einsteins and Dave’s Cosmic Subs but compete strongly.

“General Manager Doug Lieblich made many decisions for the new restaurant.  Those who work in the dining room or in the kitchen were asked to assist in planning for ease of work and efficiency.  Many reviewed plans and made suggestions. We are also grateful for ideas that came from our regular guests,” Singer said.

Dinner is where they have an upper hand, and day-to-day, they seem to be a hit, especially with their expanded restaurant and bar, inviting a wider variety of people.

On top of all their success Yours Truly isn’t growing complacent.  

“We are constantly working on green initiatives, having a safe and happy workplace environment and supporting the community. These will always be priorities for us,”

said Dixie Singer.