Is “Destiny 2: Forsaken” worth your time? Find out here.


On September 4, well-known game developer Bungie released “Destiny 2: Forsaken”.

“Destiny 2: Forsaken” is a game that centers around revenging the main protagonist, a fallen Prince that has taken his anger out and killed one of the main characters, Cayde-6.

Along with this additional downloadable content (DLC), Bungie introduced new aspects to the game such as new class abilities, new guns, new gear and events, as well as boasting a campaign with a theme centered around revenge.

“I enjoy Destiny 2: Forsaken mostly because of the play style that they added and especially the new cosmetics and weapons that they added,” said sophomore Jack Parrino.

Overall, many fans of “Destiny” are enjoying these new aspects brought into the game to make the game a rewarding playthrough.

“I like how they added Gambit because that’s really fun to play and it’s something to grind,” stated junior Henry Mitton.

In Gambit, two separate teams consisting of four people battle it out in different arenas. Each team all has the same goal: Summon the big boss known as a Primeval. Kill the Primeval, and you win the round. An entire game of Gambit is made up of three rounds, and whoever wins two out of three games wins. On every new round, the enemies you fight get stronger.

What made this game especially stand out was the ability for Bungie to listen to the community’s requests for the game.

“I really enjoyed looking forward to Nightfalls, Xur (a weapons and gear vendor who appears in the game every Friday through Sunday) selling more weapons and gear, and doing the exotic quest missions, those are fun to do,” Parrino said. “You definitely feel very accomplished after finishing those.”

The community and fans of “Destiny 2” applaud Bungie for listening to their community and making them feel as if they have a say in how the game is developed.

Although the game is very enjoyable and packs a lot of fun engagements, a few small issues can alter gameplay. One of the biggest complaints about this game was much of the in game abilities are not used to their full potential.

“It is pretty much the same game as ‘Destiny 1 except for the class abilities which don’t really do much,” Mitton stated. “Sometimes when I am playing on my Titan, I forget I have my shield.”

At some points in the game, It seems as if Bungie did not put its best efforts in making the abilities, aspects and gameplay the best they could.

On the other side, the approach Bungie took to create a fantastic revenge-themed style campaign with numerous flashy in-game aspects worked to a tee.  

“It gave a new way to fight the main protagonist in the game,” Parrino said. “It is definitely a lot tougher so you actually have to use effort and actually try to defeat the enemies.”

“When the game was announced it was hyped up to be amazing. After its release, the DLC was a perfect fit for” Destiny 2”. The hype and long wait was greeted with an amazing add on to my favorite game,” junior and fan of “Destiny 2: Forsaken” Nolan Blair said.