Apple Adds New Products to Its Arsenal

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Apple Adds New Products to Its Arsenal

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On September 12, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced his company’s products at their highly-anticipated annual launch event.

The company released the iPhone XS – pronounced TEN-ehss, not EX-ehss, and iPhone XS Max and arrived on shelves September 21.

CFHS senior Margaux Augier got the iPhone XS and she loves it.

“It’s not too different from the iPhone X I used to have, but I love the enhanced camera quality and the better Face ID features,” she said.

The company also released the Apple Watch 4 with built-in EKG technology. This allows the watch to detect and alert a user if his heart is beating too fast, too slow. or if there is an irregular heartbeat. Apple could now be saving lives with their new devices.

No wonder Apple recently hit a $1 trillion dollar market value.

While some people are upset with Apple’s rising prices, some people still remain optimistic and ready to buy Apple’s new products.

CFHS math teacher and Apple aficionado Mr. DiGeronimo is excited to get his hands on a new iPhone.

“I’ve had nothing but good things to say about Apple in the past,” he said. “My iPhone 6 has run great for four years now, but I’m going to buy an iPhone XS once it is back in stock.”

Along with an OLED screen with stronger color accuracy, the most recent addition to this year’s iPhone is the cutting-edge Apple A12 Bionic Chips. Currently the largest and most efficient chip on the market, it allows the phones to run 15% faster than last year’s models. In fact, these chip gives the iPhone X Max 90 more minutes of battery life than the iPhone X.
Other state-of-the-art features on the iPhone XS include a stronger resistance to splashes from everyday objects such as coffee, tea and soda. Additionally, improved control over the Dual Camera System and a more intelligent Face ID feature become standards on the new models.

Like Augier, CFHS freshman Dylan Frank purchased the new iPhone and agrees that the standout feature is the camera.

“I love the camera the most,” he said. “I can vastly experiment with the way I take pictures and use editing apps to my advantage.”

While there were important takeaways from the launch event, some other Apple devices seemed to have forgotten about at this launch.

So far, no word has been made by the company regarding expansions to the AirPod, Mac, iPad Pro lines.

Some turn-offs for Apple’s products are the rising price point of the devices. The iPhone XS starts at $999 and the Max starts at a whopping $1,099. Subsequently, Apple decided to discontinue the iPhone X but added the iPhone XR in an attempt to create a slightly improved version of last year’s X.

CFHS junior Stephen Rust is upset that he cannot find an iPhone that suits his budget.
“I don’t think I’m going to buy another iPhone until they release a phone cheaper than $750,” Rust said. “My phone is just fine right now.”

During the launch event, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the next-gen iPhones are the best that have been released to date, and they will hold up for a long time.

“CNN Money” pointed out that buying a brand-new iPhone is like buying a Ferrari: Even though it might be faster, stronger and has more features, it is still the exact same car that could have bought the year prior.

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