Music Program Receives New Opportunity for Feedback


At both the Chagrin Falls High School and Middle School on February 16, students will be able to participate in presenting their musical talents and receiving feedback to overall better the music program.

Chagrin Falls High School choir teacher, Mr. Bachofsky, announced this year that he is a new member of the Ohio Music Education Association. Because of this, choir students now have the opportunity to perform in front of judges, having the end result of polishing their own performances for future concerts and competitions.

“I think it will be a great thing that will challenge us. It will make our performance skills better,” he said.

Overall, Mr. Bachofsky’s new position in becoming the Chagrin Falls High School choir teacher has led to some exciting changes for students such as the OMEA program.

“It has been around for a long time. OMEA provides professional development conferences for us. They are experts in the field,” he said.

Some students have been a part of the choir program for as long as six years with a general routine. However, Bachofsky still makes attempts to freshen up the environment.

Along with this, he tries his hardest to build relationships with the students which includes helping them with their own performances.

“People can come down during Tiger Time. I am always here before school or after school. As things get closer, I could be around during study halls and lunches to run through pieces.”

While he has created this opportunity for those in any musical elective, students such as senior Adriana Holst seem very excited for a new start.

“I think that at the end of the day, feedback is more important, and I think in high school, this is our time to learn and grow without too much pressure,” she said.

With her experience in the musical world, she has learned many lessons, and feels that she has grown as a musician because of the feedback she has received.

“It has 100% taught me to have a work ethic, so it changed who I was as a musician, but it also changed who I was as a person because that is where I truly learned how to get things done,” she said.

Along with Holst, fellow senior Max Faulds revealed an interest in the OMEA program due to his background in music as well.

“Before I didn’t know any of the notes. From no musical knowledge to getting thrown into a lead role kind of puts you in a position to learn. I think that receiving feedback has helped me along the way,” he continued.

Faulds did not have any doubts in the choir program over feeling less worthy or less confident of who the musicians are.

“We are a good choir and we perform songs of great variety. I think that it is not difficult to be a part of our program specifically because we are such an open group,” Faulds said.

Along with Faulds, Bachofsky assured that every student will do well in the OMEA program.

“I am completely confident in our students. We are such a talented group with many skills. I have absolutely no worries. All of them are wonderful,” he said.