What’s Happening with Tiger Period? All the Info You Need to Know


This school year, Chagrin Falls High School has implemented a new Tiger Period.

While Tiger Period has remained on Tuesdays and Thursdays, many new changes have been introduced such as signup sheets to commons, the library, and the fitness center.

“The feedback has been relatively positive,” said Assistant Principal Ms. Rassi who has overseen Tiger Period since its inception four years ago.

Many other schools are looking to find times for students to get one-on-one time with their teachers or teachers to have an opportunity in the day for a break.

“Our kids are so involved in and out of school that gaining back some time to just decompress and to have an opportunity to take a breath and work on their schoolwork here I think is really beneficial,” Rassi said.

Ms. Rassi has developed this new Tiger Period to focus on students’ needs as well as create more time to help them relax and to focus on their work inside of school.

many students have really enjoyed the new period allowing them to relax and complete their work.

“I think students who want this time are using it respectively,” Rassi said.

As Ms. Rassi works to improve Tiger Period, junior John Campbell is adjusting to the new changes made.

“I like how there’s no Tiger Period where you are forced to go and listen to Spanish movies or you are forced to go and watch a video in another language,” said Campbell.

Now that students have more independence, they are ready and excited each week for Tiger Period.

“The freedom that you can sign up for the library or commons, and that way if you want to be with one of your friends who’s in a different study hall or homeroom, you can go see your friend,” Campbell said.

While a lot of students enjoy going to either the fitness center to workout, or enjoy using the period to go to a quiet place in the library to work on assignments, junior Paul Gordos enjoys going to his homeroom.

“My favorite place to go is homeroom. While I’m in homeroom, I’m in a good quiet place to get work done,” Gordos said.

All in all, the staff and students of Chagrin Falls High School are optimistic about the benefits and freedoms that this new Tiger Period ensures.

“I definitely believe this is the best option after three years of exhausting other options,” Rassi said.