Students Rally Together for “Rand Singer Day”



On Wednesday, August 21, students of all grades came together to celebrate not only a man but also an iconic style, on a day that will forever be known as Rand Singer Day.

Over 35 students came to school all dressed in junior Rand Singer’s signature look: a plain black shirt paired with khaki shorts.  The participating students rallied around Singer’s classic style and for one day became unified as “The Council of Rand”.

“I thought it’d be really funny if everyone dressed up as me for a day, especially if a ton of people did it, which they did. So, there wasn’t too much motive behind it, but it was funny,” said  Singer, who organized the day.

Students were eager to participate in the celebration. Not everyone had the signature plain black shirt, but all were welcome to participate, so all black shirts were welcome.

“It felt really amazing to be apart of it. Everyone at the school looks up to Rand, so it feels great to try to match his dress game. I was up until like 3 am picking out the right black shirt. I actually didn’t do any of my homework last night because of it,” explained junior, Reese Tutkovics who participated in the day.

Organizing this day was no easy task, still Singer displayed determination in his pursuit of the “holiday”. Through the power of technology, Singer was able to advertise this day and reach a wide variety of people.

“I just made a group chat on GroupMe. So, I would ask people if they wanted to do it, and if they said they did I would add them to the group chat about it. I asked like 70 people and a little over half of them did it,” said Singer.

Many motives drove students to support Singer’s special day. For some, the chance to wear such an emblematic outfit was too much to turn down. Others received encouragement from their fellow classmates. Regardless of motive the 35 plus students wore the sacred black shirts with pride.

“It’s definitely something I looked forward to wearing.The simplicity of it really shows elegantly. I’d say it’s a Steve Jobs type look. I thought it was funny, so I was down to do it,” said senior Max Insolia.

Some students got caught up in the power of the large numbers of the day and couldn’t resist following the lead of Singer and fellow classmates.

“Everyone at school was doing it so I knew I had to participate no matter what,” added Tutkovics.

This special day even caught the eye of those outside of the event. Students became inspired by this day as it encourages people to appreciate unique fashions and support individual students in our school.

“It’s so cool that people are finally appreciating his classy laid back look. I think the day is great for the school, it helps encourage people to truly appreciate not only student’s fashion, but also the student themselves,” said senior Emma Orazen, who looked on at the day with whimsy and amazement.

The future for such a day remains in doubt. Despite the positive reception from the school, Singer is reluctant to have another similar day.

“It was a one and done kind of thing. It definitely would lose its magic if we did it a bunch. I wouldn’t 100% rule it out though,” said Singer definitively.