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Oprah Vs. Kanye 2020

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With Donald Trump in office the people of America are beginning to wonder if any celebrity can become president, and as we creep closer and closer to the 2020 elections, more celebrities have started speaking about potentially running a campaign for the next presidency.


There has been speculation about whether Kanye West will actually run for president in 2020 and now, after her speech at the Golden Globes, there is talk that Oprah 

Winfrey might be running for president as well.

“I didn’t watch, but I heard it was really empowering for women because of all the black dresses and Oprah’s speech. I’m glad to see all the women coming together and standing up for something really important,” stated junior Miranda Hamann after being asked what she thought of Oprah’s speech at the golden globes.

Hamann believed that Oprah’s views and opinions would benefit America’s well being; however, she was uncertain that Oprah will truly be running for president.

“I don’t think either one will actually run except for maybe Kanye because he’s crazy,” said Hamann.

When asked if she thought that Kanye would have a fair chance at winning the presidency she highly doubted that he would.

“I don’t think that Kanye would win because he would probably be seen as a joke to most adults,” agreed senior Ellie Covington.

Contrary to their beliefs, senior Trevor Stevenson thought that Kanye would be a great future candidate for the next POTUS.

“As a newly minted voter, I would most definitely vote for Kanye West as long as he chooses Jamie Foxx as his VP. Kim Kardashian has the sense of initiative America needs and has lacked in a first lady for decades,” said Stevenson.

Stevenson believes that Kanye would help create a better America.

“I think Kanye would bring light to true problems the United States faces. As Kanye once said ‘We at war with terrorism, racism, but most of all, we at war with ourselves,’” said Stevenson.

For the most part, it is believed that Oprah will not actually be running for president in 2020.

“Honestly, I think anything is possible at this point. Kanye is definitely more likely to run than Oprah,” stated sophomore Emma Atkins.

Covington agreed with Atkins statement.

“I think Oprah would actually have a slight chance of winning because she is very respected throughout the country. I don’t know if she’d actually run though,” she said.

Rather than being disappointed by the realization that Oprah would most likely not be running in 2020, Stevenson was glad that Kanye wouldn’t have any opposition in the election.

“I believe that Kanye will run for president; however, Oprah should not as she lacks any real credibility,” said Stevenson.

Since the 2020 election is still two years away it is hard to determine whether these celebrities will have any voters supporting them in the polls.

“Since they are celebrities people will probably vote for them, but you really never know at this point,” said Atkins.

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Oprah Vs. Kanye 2020