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Who is the CFHS Fortnite king?

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The most recent trend in online gaming is sweeping the nation, and CFHS has been no exception.

Chagrin students everywhere are playing Fortnite and having a great time doing it.

Fortnite is a free game on PS4 and Xbox One in which 100 players are released onto an island full of weapons and supplies. Each player attempts to collect as many weapons as possible and kill the other opponents, similar to the popular movie and book series Hunger Games.

However, not everybody employs this traditional strategy. Some Fortniters choose to simply hide out and let everybody else fight, hoping they won’t be found and will be able to place well. Rookie Fortnite player and known bush-camper Charles Clarke proclaims that he is “awful” at Fortnite, so he just camps in bushes around the island and hopes for the best.

Although it certainly is an accomplishment to place in the top 20, the ultimate prize is being the last one standing. Not only does this victory result in an ultimate sense of pride, but winning a game of Fortnite allows for bragging rights to all your Fortnite-playing friends.

One of the most popular trends in the Fortnite world is to post a picture of your victory on Snapchat. As a fellow Fortnite player myself, seeing somebody else’s Snapchat story read the glorious words “#1 Victory Royale” makes my stomach drop and give me an immediate urge to get on the sticks.

Experienced Fortnite player and self-proclaimed number one Fortniter at CFHS, Isaac Hopkins sent me several impressive first place Snapchats in an effort to convince me that he was the best player in the school.

Hopkins has claimed several impressive statistics about his career, saying that he “has the most solo wins, most duo wins, and most squad wins” in the entire school. Hopkins even said that he has won more than 40 matches altogether. This figure has been disputed though. Senior Will DiFiore has played a lot of Fortnite with Hopkins, and claims that his total number of wins is “probably 15.”

However, some CFHS Fortnite players are not too quick to give Hopkins the title of best player in the school. Senior Matt Sferra argues that he has a claim to the Iron Throne of CFHS Fortnite. “Whether I’m playing squad or solo I’m always the best and everyone in the game knows it,” said Sferra.

Senior Will Nafziger has also said that he is the best player in the school, even going far enough to say that Isaac was “garbage” and “as good as HBK Jimmy”.

However, Hopkins doesn’t take offense to these claims. He says that all of the people claiming they are better than him are “jealous haters” and that they are bush-campers. He even challenges anyone at CFHS to play him, guaranteeing a victory for himself.

There is no doubt that there is a lot of controversy around the game of Fortnite and who in fact is the best player in the school. However, CFHS students will continue to play and improve, in hopes of making their claim as the number one Fortnite player in Chagrin.

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Who is the CFHS Fortnite king?