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Best Places to Ski in Ohio

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Skiing and snowboarding in Ohio is not the most amazing thing but can still be very enjoyable.

Throughout Ohio, there are many places to ski and snowboard, each having unique characteristics, recognizable to everyone who has been there at least once. Anyone can ski and snowboard, which makes it a very family-friendly activity for the long winter months. Seniors Mason Bartlett, John Gardner, and Devin Gilmore gave their thoughts on the best places to ski, as well as giving insight into their own experiences skiing and snowboarding.

“I go snowboarding maybe six or seven times a year with my friends,” Mason said concerning how much he snowboarded.

John Gardner used to ski a lot but recently sustained an ACL injury which has held him out for the last two years.

When asked if John has ever sustained an injury while skiing,

“Surprisingly not” he exclaimed.

On the contrary, Mason did receive an injury recently, “I sprained my rotators cuff while trying to pull off a jump.”

However, Ohio ski resorts are very safe, as we have never heard of anyone sustaining a major injury. Furthermore, Mason, John, and Devin all are very experienced skiers as their favorite runs are black diamond level hills.

“Black diamond hills are my favorite but I will do any run that has a woods path,” John said when asked about his favorite hills.

Woods paths are the main reason Alpine Valley is the more liked Ohio ski resort. When you go to Brandywine or Boston Mills fun woods path are hard to come by.

“I’d have to say Brandywine is the best place to ski,” said Mason, “I never go there though because all my friends ski and they like Alpine Valley a lot more.”

John used to ski a lot with Mason and exclaimed how Alpine Valley was his favorite for many reasons.

“At Alpine, I love the woods paths and it is a lot closer, when I was younger and our parents had to drive us going to Alpine was a lot easier for them.”

When it comes to skiing versus snowboarders, it is always an intense argument.

“I’ve wanted to know how to snowboard, but heard it’s one of the most frustrating things to learn” thought Devin.

The main argument against snowboarding is how much harder it is to get good at it. She went on regarding this argument,

“I’m sure snowboarding is a lot more fun than skiing, but I just don’t have the time to learn how to do it,” she stated.

Throughout Chagrin Falls High School, students of all ages anticipate the ski season as winter approaches. The interviewed students all believe skiing and snowboarding to be a really fun hobby that everyone should try to experience at least once.

“Skiing and snowboarding aren’t for everyone, but I consider it to be one of the best things I’ve ever done,” Mason concluded.

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Best Places to Ski in Ohio