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Power Rankings: Top 5 Underrated Ohio Spring Break Destinations

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As we approach the spring the thought of spring break immediately enters students minds. While many people envision a warm beach or a scenic city, there are dozens of other fantastic destinations to spend your week off in March, that you don’t have to travel far to enjoy. Let’s take a look at the top 5 underrated Ohio spring break destinations.


  1. Beachwood, Ohio

At the top of the list, we have Beachwood, Ohio. Located a comforting fifteen minutes away from Chagrin Falls, Beachwood provides that “staycation” feel while also feeling like you are just a hop skip and a jump away from the famous downtown Cleveland. Some of the best activities include shopping at the top notch Beachwood Mall and giving yourself that tropical feel by eating out at bahama breeze.


  1. Geneva on the Lake (Geneva, Ohio)

Coming in at number four is the great Geneva on the Lake. The low key tropical environment of this town in Ohio provides a Caribbean feel to the northern part of our country. Junior Mike Vandertill shared his love for the town with us. When asked why he loves the town so much, he simply stated, “It’s fun”. His favorite activities include “Slapping it around on a sub par putt putt course and banging into strangers on the rusty bumper boats.”


  1. Wooster, Ohio

At number three we have Wooster, Ohio, a favorite of senior John Gardner. While John has a tight bond with the town as his family’s past is enriched in Wooster University, he loves to take trips down to enjoy the area. He loves to visit Knights Field Sprayground. He said, “It is so fun, I love running around in the sprinklers. The best part is its open for all ages. While I tend to be the oldest person there, I love playing with the kids and running through the water!” Why not take a trip to a town that is very meaningful to a fellow student at CFHS?



  1. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Often mistaken for Chagrin Falls by non localers, Cuyahoga Falls provides a vacation spot for those who want to go somewhere for their week off, but are afraid of getting homesick. While the name is almost identical to our town, Cuyahoga Falls also has the Cuyahoga River, a very scenic spot. If you are getting homesick, head on over to the river and you can feel like you’re at home next to the Chagrin River.  


  1. Toledo, Ohio

The number one destination for spring break 2018 is the one and only Toledo, Ohio. While many people scoff at the city, junior Jack Amendola comes to its defense. He states, “I love Toledo. There are so many fun things to do. One of my favorite is to walk the streets of downtown. It’s a very urban feel, however, it is one that will last a lifetime and is hard to pass up.” Amendola’s favorite place to eat is Jing Chuan Restaurant. Despite the horrific reviews, “its a quality meal” Amendola said. He also suggest staying at the Red Roof Inn Toledo. “It’s right by the beautiful Toledo University, very scenic”, Amendola said. The best part? Amendola said, “It’s not busy at all, it’s truly a unknown treasure, maybe even the eighth wonder of the world.”


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Power Rankings: Top 5 Underrated Ohio Spring Break Destinations