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Northeast Hit Hard by massive Snowstorms

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As 2017 ended, people in New York watched the ball drop in sub 10 degree weather, and this cold continued through the week.

The week following New Year huge snow storms and record cold temperatures plagued the Northeast with snow and Ice. People who are in the main snow belt such as New York and Massachusetts. Other places such as North Carolina, who doesn’t get much snow, are getting worried because they haven’t dealt with this type of snow before. The temperatures dropped to all time lows in some places, Feet of snow fell, and dangerous weather capped off the first week of January.

January is usually a cold month and is the middle of winter in most places but for some places january means the temperature dropping to 50 degrees or so in places like Texas or Tennessee but thanks to the snow storm this year was different. Snow fell for the first time since most people can remember in Texas and people in Texas had days off of school because they don’t expect this type of weather.

This is why snow storms like these could get dangerous in places warmer because they don’t have the equipment to deal with it. That’s why we see people in the south getting days off for very little snow compared to Northern places. Northern places know how to deal with snow with Snow Plows and ice and things of the sort. People down South don’t have any snow plows because it isn’t profitable if it snows every 3 years or so.

“Because it affects how our community works negatively”,said Freshman Jacob Maher when asked what the negative effects of snowstorms are to a community.

He is correct in his statement that these dangerous weather storms can affect communities negatively. Many communities can be flooded so much snow that people can’t escape their houses safely. There are people trying to help though. Many people opened shelters with heat and food for people who don’t have proper housing or couldn’t take care of themselves in  the cold. The storm although bad was extremely popular for kids who had school.

“The only benefit that I could see is for kids having no school which would be fun” ,said Reed Dowling.

Most people In school would most likely agree with this statement. Snow Days are usually the only benefit to a town or community. People in school love to get free days off for inclement weather so they can hang out with friends or just relax for a day. Snow days are also very good for snow plow drivers because they can make bigger profits plowing roads and driveways.

“Sometimes it can feel like a really cold place like Siberia”,Maher said sarcastically.

While Jacob said this as a joke most people will probably agree with him that in the winter months it’s time to bundle up and try to be safe and prepare for the oncoming cold weather.

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Northeast Hit Hard by massive Snowstorms