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Big Ballers Only?

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In the last couple of years, the first family of basketball, the Ball family, have become one of the most polarizing figures in sports.

The rise of the Ball family has also lead to one of the most interesting companies in the business world, Big Baller Brand. However, as their success rises so do their problems.  

The clothing company has become one of the most talked about small businesses in the nation. However, not all press is good press. Recently, the Better Business Bureau gave Big Baller Brand an “F” grade, their lowest possible score. Big Baller Brand received this score based on 44 negative reviews and 32 formal complaints against zero positive reviews.

Still, high prices and negative reviews do not deter many people from chasing the big baller dream and buying clothes from them. Junior and self-proclaimed big baller, Duncan Taber, would not shy away from the company due to poor reviews.

“Heck yes I would wear Big Baller Brand, it’s extremely stylish. There’s nothing like Lonzo Ball’s signature shoe, the way that they add detail to the black shoe with more black, it’s really something else,” Taber explains.

Yet, Big Baller Brand still faces controversy. Big Baller Brand is being sued by Closet Connection, the company that makes all of the clothing, as Closet Connection cites being owed nearly $25,000 from Lavar Ball’s company.

This is one of the many reasons people are reluctant to support the Big Baller Brand, much less buy clothing from them. Senior, John Gardner, has his own reasons for opting for the small baller lifestyle rather than shelling out $90 for a hooded sweatshirt.

“No way would I wear Big Baller Brand. I hate those people. Their clothes are way overpriced and don’t even look good. There’s no reason anyone should buy their stuff,” Gardner says.

Those that have bought items from Big Baller Brand do not speak highly of the company. Many of the complaints cited by the Better Business Bureau feature items not being delivered until months after being ordered, or items not being delivered entirely. Also, their customer service appears almost nonexistent and rarely replies to emails. One complaint cited the clothing company calling him a “small baller” after he complained that his clothes have not arrived after six weeks.

Also, another major knock on the company appears to be the prices of items. A t-shirt costs around $60 dollars, hooded sweatshirts cost $85, hats can cost up to $55, and of course, Lonzo Ball’s signature shoe which retails at $495.

“Personally, I’d rather just save some money and buy knockoff stuff for way cheaper. It’s good stuff but I’m not gonna buy a shirt for $60 when I can get a fake one for $20. It’s just too expensive, but I guess if you can’t afford it you’re a small baller,” Taber concurs.   

Also, a major flaw of the Big Baller Brand is that they refused to sell clothes for women. Limiting their customer base to only 50% of the population wasn’t a great idea and people took notice as Lavar ball was called out for it on Colin Cowherd’s TV show, The Herd. Since then, BBB has responded by adding a women’s page to their website, but after clicking on this women’s subpage, customer’s will find an empty page, there is literally not a single project.

Despite all the missteps and controversy surrounding Big Baller Brand, they still remain in business and very relevant in both the sports and business world. No matter what, loyal fans will continue to support Lavar Ball’s company.


“I embody the big baller mentality and that’s why I would wear Big Baller Brand,” Taber says.

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Big Ballers Only?