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Why not us? Cleveland Browns 2017

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Two major themes seem to shroud every single Browns season: hopeless optimism and utter disappointment.

Second year head coach Hue Jackson plans to change that this season, he’s determined to make this season a success.

“We need to change the culture of our organization to truly be seen as an organization that wins,” said Coach Jackson.

Jackson is looking to some of his young players to make an immediate impact to help his team win. He spoke highly of new players such as Myles Garrett, Jabrill Peppers, and Deshone Kizer. “Those are some guys that can really make an impact,” said Coach Jackson.

Another player that should be on everyone’s radar is defensive tackle Jamie Meder, also known as, “The Pierogi Prince of Parma.”

“He’s a hometown guy, and he got us that one win last year against San Diego with his blocked field goal late in the game,” said season ticket holder and long time fan, Nick Difiore.

Difiore had a lot to say about the Browns this year; however, it wasn’t solely about the team itself.

“We need to get rid of the drum line, it’s way too repetitive. And we also need some cheerleaders.”

Browns fans are highly anticipating the team’s week one matchup as rookie QB Deshone Kizer makes his debut. Could he be our Savior? Could he be our franchise QB?

“Deshone Kizer is such a young player. Learning how to play at this level is hard and he’s done a great job of adjusting.”

It’s clear that Coach Jackson is all in and very confident with his young team.

“We’ve got to block out the noise. Nobody is expecting us to be very good and our guys need to be careful about what they let into their ears. Bottom line is we want to win, we expect to win, and we will work to win.”

It’s evident that this 2017 Brown’s squad is loaded with young talent and is truly poised to make some noise.

“I’m just excited for a great year of browns football,” Difiore said.

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Why not us? Cleveland Browns 2017