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Back Field Mayhem

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With the expansion of the gravel lot behind the 7-12 campus, an important element of the CFHS athletic program has been temporarily put out of use.

Chagrin’s baseball and football programs both used the back field for practices or games. However, this fall, both the high school and middle school football teams have moved many of their practices to the outfield of the varsity baseball field.

“The ground because of the construction that took place is not solid or even and should not be used,” said Assistant Principal Amanda Rassi when asked about the reasoning for the closing up of the back field.

In addition, varsity head baseball coach, Michael Sweeney, has some concerns about how practicing on the baseball field may affect its condition for the spring season.

“By the time we’re done with football season, [the grass] is not really going to grow in late fall and winter. Also, once it gets a little wet and muddy and the varsity is practicing out there, there are some big guys out there that will make divots,”said Sweeney.

Some football players have been saddened about the movement of practice from the legendary back field. Senior Connor Lewis said, “I will really miss the lap around the entire field before every practice.”

However, this movement of practice seems as though it will not be permanent, and the storied back field will soon be usable again.

“The projection is that come spring, [the baseball field] will be done” said Rassi.


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Back Field Mayhem