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Phone Pockets Sweep the School

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This school year, many teachers adopted the policy of having phone pockets in the classroom in order to avoid the distraction of cellphones. In the past, a few teachers utilized this strategy of keeping cell phone usage to a minimum, but the number of teachers with the pockets in their room has grown this school year.

In his second year of having the phone pockets, senior english teacher Mr. Stuart explained his reasoning for having the pockets. “In the past decade the number one distraction that impacts education and student success in the classroom is phones,” said Mr. Stuart.

Students were not as surprised about the new policy change in classrooms as you might imagine.

“I don’t really care about the pockets. At first I thought it was ridiculous, but after using them for a week, they weren’t that bad,” said senior Joey King.

Some students have also come up with alternatives to the pockets. Ben Cervelloni said, “I think students should be allowed to have their phones on them or in their book bag unless they are caught texting or using them. Some students are turning 18 and becoming adults. I think they can handle not looking at their phone for 50 minutes, and if they can’t use the pockets.”

Some teachers are very happy about what the phone pockets have achieved. “Without a doubt the single best classroom management technique I have ever employed.” said Mr. Stuart.

However there are other policies that can be used instead of the pockets. When asked about the “I see it, I take it” policy, Mr. Stuart was opposed to the alternative solution. “ The “I see it” policy encourages deception, makes the teacher have to expend energy for a non-education problem, and prevents students from focusing when his or her phone buzzes in their pocket. Also, no teacher wants to take a phone for a whole host of reasons.” said Mr. Stuart.

Overall, the teachers are happy with what the pockets have achieved and some students are not as bitter as you would imagine. The school has found a new policy and it may not be as bad as we all thought.

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Phone Pockets Sweep the School