New Year, New People

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This August, Chagrin Falls welcomed three new teachers and many new students.

An Algebra and Geometry teacher, Mr. DiGeronimo, taught Math for one year at Benedictine High School. Dr. Jacobs worked at Brecksville Broadview Heights as a Science teacher, while Ms. Powers worked at Maplewood Career Center as a History teacher. One of the many new students that came to Chagrin Falls this year was a junior, Manuela Pineiros, who moved from Switzerland.

Mr. DiGeronimo grew up in Chesterland and said, “I knew that Chagrin was a good school and it also has a good reputation.”

While he worked at Benedictine High School he taught Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Statistics, and Discrete Math.  

“I have a lot of teachers in the family, and my Algebra 1 teacher inspired me to do this. I also loved tutoring kids when I was in high school,” DiGeronimo said.

Along with DiGeronimo, Dr. Jacobs was hired to teach AP Physics and Chemistry. He went into college wanting to be a Scientist, but had an opportunity to teach undergraduates, and discovered how much he liked teaching.

“For me, it’s a great opportunity to think about Physics and Science and to teach a field, like I’m doing something positive.” He said.

Before Dr. Jacobs came to Chagrin, he worked at Brecksville- Broadview Heights. Dr. Jacobs believes there is a difference between our school and Brecksville.

He stated, “It’s definitely smaller here, which I like. It makes it more intimate. For example, here the Science Department has 6 faculty, at Brecksville-Broadview Heights, there was 12.”

Along with new teachers, many new students came to Chagrin as well. One student is Manuela Pineiros who moved from Switzerland.

“When I heard I was coming to the United States, I was a little scared, but then I thought about how it would be a great adventure,” Pineiros explained.

Pineiros noticed some differences at Chagrin, “it’s bigger, than my old school. The teachers are nicer, and in my old school in Switzerland, we stayed in the same class during the whole day,” She said.

As Mr. DiGeronimo said, “The faculty is amazing. They are extremely helpful, and they have really welcomed me. The students are very sweet and they’re energetic and excited. It’s a really cool atmosphere.”

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New Year, New People