8th – 12th Grade: Dressing Within the Boundaries

As freshmen enter the high school, many are worried about fitting in and looking good. They may not be concerned with the specific language of the dress code in the handbook.

A closer look would reveal that both handbook’s guidelines for dress code are nearly identical. Both schools ban clothing items such as inappropriate length shorts, hats, and thin shirt straps.

However, many students disagree that the two codes are similar at all.

“The middle school is more strict because you get in trouble for things that most clothing items have, like spagetti straps. If your shorts are shorter than arms length, you get in trouble. But some people just have long arms. I haven’t gotten dress-coded in the high school though,” freshman Abby Alberts said.

Most students seem to believe that dress codes focus mostly on females.

“I have never been dress-coded, but some girls in my class have been dress-coded for some pretty unnecessary reasons. Mostly for shorts and tanktops. This was last year in middle school,” said freshman Owen McClintock.

While the student body seems to be sure of their opinions, middle school principal, Ms. Discenza commented on the difference she sees, “They are both the same in the handbook. We do enforce it here in the middle school. It may not be as enforced up in the high school,” she said.

Although Ms. Discenza admits that the way the dress codes are enforced may be different, she remains confident that students are able to attend school feeling comfortable.

“We make sure shorts are appropriate lengths,  but we keep in mind what most stores are selling. We try to keep the school warm and inviting. We don’t want to make students uncomfortable”,  said Ms. Discenza.

On the other side of things, high school principal Ms. Asher said, “I think you have look at the age appropriateness of kids and what they are able to handle. Think about yourself in seventh grade compared to who you are now. Taking that development into play, as you get older we want to be able to give you more freedoms as well. We’re preparing you to be sent off to a world beyond high school, so appropriateness is really important.”

Much like Ms. Discenza, Ms. Asher seems to be confident in the dress code and the student body following it. “For me, I think a lot of dress codes around the State of Ohio are unfairly connected to females. Having something gender neutral that holds people to the same set of standards is something that i think is very important. I think ours accomplishes that,” said Ms. Asher.

While the students seem to have conflicting views about the middle school dress code, approval of the high school dress code remains strong throughout the building. “I think it’s pretty good in the High School. I’ve felt comfortable coming to school in what I choose to wear,” said Abby Alberts.